Prolong Laptop Battery Life

Padraig H

Bought a Samsung laptop recently, so far well pleased. I use it mostly on AC power but for portability and convenience in my flat I'm using it on battery power as well. I've set the maximum battery charge level to 80% to extend battery life. Im told rechargeng the battery before its fully discharged can shorten its life. What else can be done.


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I think whoever gave you that advice is confusing Lithium-Ion batteries with Nickel-Cadmium batteries. I believe they're actually the opposite in that they last slightly longer if not fully discharged.

The really killer of the Lithium-ion batteries used in laptops is overcharging. Some higher end laptops will shut off the charger automatically, I don't know what Samsung are like in this aspect but given their general reputation for long term support I'd not take the chance and endeavour never to have both the battery and the mains connected to the laptop for long periods except for actively charging the battery.


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Li-ion batteries require no special treatment. The charging circuit in the computer will automatically decide if the battery needs charging or not. The battery will naturally degrade in capacity as it becomes older, there is nothing one can do about it.

Padraig H

That 80% maximum charge thing is from the laptops user manual. when the battery level drops to 10% an onscreen warning tells me to recharge. The battery was fully charged when I made that 80% setting change. As I type this reply the battery icon is saying;
97% available(plugged in, not charging). I own a Canon digital SLR camera and its true these Li-on batteries degrade as they get older.

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