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I'd finally given up giving my old Sammy 709 the benefit of the doubt and called into Comet. I paid £38 for one of their stacks of boxes of Proline 1050. I finally worked out the R0 hack on Friday and then it packed up completely. Dead.

So I took it back and swapped it for another. btw they subsequently dropped the price to £30!

And this one packed up too. Intermittant power and when it does boot, it'll probably stick soemwhere on the DVD. (Power drop?)

Anyway... steer clear. Sometimes somethings ARE too cheap to be true.



What was the R0 hack , my ankle biter has a proline1080 in his room which i have been unable to find a hack for


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Why not buy a decent budget DVD player in the first place, a Toshiba SD330 for example, easy region hack and they don't go wrong. What is the world coming to, £30 DVD players!!!. What do you expect.


Hi, can you please tell me the region 0 code for the PROLINE DVD 1050 , we have got 3 of these machines and had no problems in 3 years and was wandering if you could remember the 0 code. Mny thanks.

cheers Roger


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* Open
* drive tray Put in Region 1 DVD
* Close drive tray and immediately press and keep pressing 1 or 2 rapidly on remote control until DVD begins to play
* DVD will play but controls on remote will not work. Therefore:- no pause, ff, rew etc. but the film will play


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