Proliant N40L - no video? Or doesn't boot?


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I've had a Proliant N40L running in the cupboard under the stairs for years. Never missed a beat. However I've got some old drives lying around, and I found an N54L on eBay for buttons, so I thought I'd get myself another server. It's not here yet, but I thought I'd pull the old N40 out and have a look inside, to refamilairise myself, ahead of getting to work on the new one. I put an extra HDD in the top bay back in the day, and I wanted to establish what I might need in the way of brackets and cables etc. to do the same again. It was years ago I did all this last time.

Whilst I had it out I thought I'd plug it into a keyboard and monitor and have a look at the BIOS. Depending on how things settle, I'm going to want to have one of these fellas sleeping when they're not wanted, and woken on LAN. However, whilst the N40 showed no signs of distress, it didn't give a picture to the monitor. I plugged it into the network to try and remote in (it runs Win10), but I couldn't find it on the network.

I'm not seeing anything on screen at all when it boots, which suggests video issues. But then if it were just video, I'd be able to remote in. Anyone got any ideas where I go next with trouble shooting this? I can only assume I've nudged something when I was looking inside, but what? As I say it seems happy enough. No beeps; HDD light flickers for a while, then settles; the blue HP logo is lit; lights on the network card are on.

Any wild guesses?
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