help please!

i'm currently living in the usa, where - thanks to the exchange rate - things are cheaper than in the uk.

as such, i want to buy myself a projector for when i return to the uk in the summer. i will be using it in a loft room (with v-shaped ceiling) and plan on projecting from one length to the other (along the "spine" of the v-shaped ceiling)

i'd guess that the distance between the wall where i would place the projector and settee and the wall onto which i would project is about 14 foot / 4 metres

i'm prepared to spend around £2,000 on a projector.

1. can you please recommend a projector based on the above
2. as long as i paint the wall white, do i really need a projector screen?
3. is the fact that i buy in the usa likely to make any difference on bringing it back to the uk? (other than needing an adaptor on the plug). will it work?

many thanks

Peter Parker

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I've a loft conversion too, and I'm using an NEC HT1000. You might be able to pick one up for around that price if you're lucky as the new HT1100 is out now and supercedes it.

Make sure you get a demo of any projector before you buy, as they all have pros and cons which visualy you may find unpleasant (or not). :)

A white wall may be fine - a few people do just that and are quite happy, but you can make a DIY screen very cheaply (£30) and it will be flatter than the wall. I'm using one myself, initialy it had white curtain blackout material as the screen, but now I'm using a 1.2 gain material with the HT1000. I've some pics on my website if you're interested.

Other than the plug, the projector may need a transformer to convert the voltage from UK 230v to 110v. Some pjs are multi-voltage so this may not be necessary (except for the plug as you suggest).

I prefer DLP technoly myself, but LCD is very popular and there are more of those in your price range. Sanyo Z2, Panasonic Ae300 and A500 are just 3 that come to mind.

Like I say though, demo a few before you decide what's best for you.



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As you are planning on buying the projector in the US then your budget is around $4000?

You'll probably get a lot more for that than you will for £2000 in the UK.

I'm not really up on US prices, they make me cry too much when I thinkof what I could get for my money!

The best thing to do is to go to the US version of this forum:

Use their forums and ask in the $3500 and above projector area what you can get. As they are in the US they will have a much better idea on what your money can buy and the forums themseleves do some nice deals.

I agree with Gary, DLP is much nicer than LCD, but does come with the Rainbows risk. Make sure you demo one before buying to see if it is a problem for you.



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I'm pretty sure most projectors you can buy will just need the plug changing as they will be rated between 110v and 250v.

If not the worst you will need to do is by a transformer which won't cost much.

As to the screen, there is a lot of talk about certain paints being really good. The colour Ice Storm rings a bell. Try searching the forums.

I projected onto a magnolia wall for a while before I got my screen. It didn't do a bad job at all.


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