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Just have one question about all the projector hype these days...

Is it just for the potential size of the screen or something else ?
Have you watched a movie on a well set up home projector?

I went to the cinema last week for the first time since I set my system up 6 months ago, and I can honestly say that I would have rather watched the movie at home on my set-up.

The picture quality is supberb, the sound is awsome and you can turn it up louder than your local multiplex and you don't get kids throwing popcorn at the screen and chatting on their mobile phones.

It may sound daft but I get really excited when I am about to sit ant watch a film.

Plus there is the wow factor when people come to visit and see that you have a fully equiped mini-cinema in your home.

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Best regards.......
Just the potential for a big screen for me. Especially the square inch per £. 50" plasma = £7000? 120" pj = £1500?

And as Techno Freak said, i've got a better picture at home than the last couple of movie cinemas i've been to. Sometime the screen even seem bigger...
Techno Freak which Panny PJ are you using?


Just saw your post on the AE300.
All the above, plus:

If you use a roller screen (as opposed to fixed) then, aside from a relatively small device either screwed to your ceiling or hidden in a coffee table - your 108" screen (or whatever) does not intrude in your room when it isn't in use - unlike your 50" (or whatever) Plasma (or even worse, RPTV, or worse still 128kg of 36 inch CRT) which is a huge grey/black 'thing' whether you are watching it or not.
Is it just for the potential size of the screen or something else

What else would it be? :confused:
Bigger pictures make for a more "immersive" experience, more of your field vision is of the film your watching, so your senses are more taken in.

:lesson: That said, don't sacrifice picture quality for huge scale images, as poor PQ can shatter the verisimilitude..... damn I love that word heheh. :rotfl:
Originally posted by WeirdFish
What else would it be? :confused:

Picture quality! :)
It's in the name : Home Cinema or Home Theater as you guys call it.
It's recreating that cinema experience at home and often better than what you get in many real cinemas.
Not mentioned often, but for me a major benefit (apart from the wow factor of filling your visual field) is the effect of having a wide sound stage match the visual stage.

Let me explain... Many people, myself included, have (had) a home theatre audio set up with front speakers widely spaced (often a necessity if they are not magnetically shielded) and a small CRT screen in the middle. Result: sounds impressive, but sound steering doesn't match the visual. I'm now watching a 6'6" wide image with the main speakers virtually touching each side of the screen. Result: wide soundfield as before, but the integration between sound and vision is now obvious and IMO so significant that I could never go back. In other words, when someone walks from left to right, the sound follows that person accurately and convincingly. Likewise with action scenes (e.g. the F18(?) down scene from Behind Enemy Lines).

Believe me, it really makes a difference. You can get accuracy of sound panning with a 50" plasma or a 36" CRT and magnetically shielded speakers by placing the speakers close to the screen, but the impact of the soundstage is considerably reduced due to the smaller physical width of the front three speakers. Nothing beats a large screen and correspondingly wide soundstage.
For me its the thought of being able to press pause and go to the bar you've just made out of MDF and get a beer without missing any of the film, also, maybe the thought of going for a pee withought missing any of the film, or is it the thought of being able to watch what you want when you want in the comfort of your own home, or maybe, yes, thats what it is, its the thought of watching a film on a really big screen with great sound and saying to yourself, ITS ALL MINEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Thx for the replies everyone...

First of all my question was not comparing to a movie theater, I totally agree I'd rather be at home with a better setup.

I will probably look into projectors some more before I finnally get a HDTV (fall 2004 at the earliest). But right now I'm still currently planning for a RP DLP or LCoS 55-60inch.
Well, all I can say to that is...... for a similar or lower amount of money, you could be watching an image much larger than 55-60 inch....if you want to.
I have gone in circles considering RPTV as part of my ultimate upgrade. In the end I have downsized my speakers, replaced my 32" tv with a smaller 28" with stand. The big tv was on a large wood AV unit (now in garage). This lowered the height of the tv immensly......why I hear you ask.....simple, now I can ceiling mount a sreen behind the TV so that I can have tv for daily veiwing and a PJ for DVDS:D :D :D

You see I came to the conclusion that a PJ like the ae500 will deliver far more smiles per pound than a similarly priced rptv! I can't wait to watch REAL home cinema on a widescreen format 7ft screen:smashin:

Just need to squeeze a PJ/screen deal out of Benji_m now:devil: :devil: :devil:
I have had 41" RP sony for 6 years now and have always been and still am impressed with it.

I use that for day-to-day viewing and I am in the fortunate position to have a second room that I use for my cinema.

Whilst the cinema screen is awsome, I would not like to use it for day-to-day tv - likewise, the RP set is great but the PJ blows it out of the water for films.

If you only have room for one or the other - get the RP for versatility - you can always put an electric screen infornt of it in the future and drop it down for movies.

Whatever you decide you will get loads of enjoyment from I am sure.

All the best....

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