projectors in ireland



Hi , Kramer
sori bout the ad , i didn no , goin off the subject i notice ur from
Ireland and wondered how you review the projectors , i cudn
find anywhere in N.Ireland but went to see a z2 in datashow
but he didn have that many projectors , any ideas were i can
look ?



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What about lyric hifi or kronos hifi? there are also an increasing number of less specialised places doing the lower end machines though i couldnt name you any. Only problem is that the first 2 mentioned will only talk to you if you are looking to spend over 3 or 4k whilst the alternatives are going to offer you nothing like the online deals available.



Hi Patrick.

I'm afraid the situation here in Limerick is even worse than where you are :( Dublin isn't much better either.

I get across to the UK regularly & so get to see a lot of nice gear. I'm also lucky in that some retailers & manufacturers are kind enough to send me projectors to evaluate from time to time. TBH, even if retailers had good stocks of PJs, demoing in their "showrooms" wouldn't be of much benefit. I prefer to have a PJ in my own environment, connected to my own equipment etc.

Not much help I'm afraid.



Went down town last week in limerick to view the panasonic and sony projectors. The panasonic shop is connected to savins. They had the ae200 and ae300 on display. Unfortunately the lights were very bright in their and they couldn't turn all of them off. They did have a nice electric screen though. As usual the staff probably didn't know all aspects about the projector so I had to made idle chit chat. How much is this, blah blah blah...

Sony centre in limerick have the HS20 setup using sideshot. It's at the back of the store so it's relatively dark. Using a 70" sony pullup screen, projected a nice image. But wasn't calibrated properly. I was changing the setup myself when finally a sales rep came along, but didn't get too much info from him. Usually find if they don't know their stuff they're generally pleasant enough to talk to.


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Originally posted by jimcarney
Hi Buns ,you are wrong about Lyric , They can work to a budget for anyone , Jim

but arent happy about it...... last time i was in they were staying up with middle and higher end projectors on the basis that budget wasnt really worth it. Unless things have changed, that means they arent carrying the sanyo and panasonic projectors and if you want to see one, you may well have to order. Though i could be wrong



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I everyone im based in the kilkenny and waterford area and i was able to demo projectors in both the local Sony center and Sherwoods which is a family owned chain of shops which happen to be building a demo room in there waterford shop. I there is also a very good shop in cork but i cant remember there name at the momment. There not far from that great italian eatery "scoozie".

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