Projector works with HDMI splitter but not when connected directly


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I'm actually having this issue with 3 different projectors... Two are Optoma GT760 and one is an Epson PowerLite 530. When I connect my laptop directly to any of these projectors via an HDMI cable, they do not recognize the signal. But when I connect via an HDMI splitter, everything works fine.

I'm using the same cable in both tests, so I think I can rule out bad cables. I've also tried a couple of different laptops that work fine connected to other projectors and TVs, so I don't think it's the laptop either.

What else could be causing the problem? Is there any further testing I could do to figure out the issue? Any pointers would be appreciated.


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HDCP being stripped by the splitter?

yes most (affordable) splitters inadvertently strip the HDCP ... this can actually help in some situations where eg hdcp is a bit screwed up !

We have this situation locally where a very popular FTA HDPVR has poor HDCP programming which means the handshaking doesnt occur so no signal it is recommended to use these with a cheap splitter... and they all seem to strip HDCP and then pass the signal ...


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Is your splitter boosting the signal?

What lengths and types of cable are we talking about?

Try a 2-3m cable.


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I have two identical looking splitters, one strips HDCP, the other doesn't. The one that does is atound 5 years old, the other just a few months old.

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