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First-time poster here but obviously I've been reading for years.
I've been looking for a projector for the last couple of months, sold my old TV (top range Panasonic Plasma) and I purchased a cheapo CASIO XJ-A135 laser projector on ebay for £30 to see If a projector would work for me or not. The projector surprisingly works great despite having only 720p top. One of the features that I really like is the motorised zoom/focus. So while watching TV (max 1-2 hours a day) I'd like to keep the screen size to 60-70" but when we want to watch movies, we want to go bigger - 100-120"

So currently looking for a projector that is:

1. quiet (the casio is loud due to small fans and the colour wheel)
2. at least 1080p. 4K would be nice but not critical.
3. motorised lens/zoom/focus
4. standard throw or UST (If I'm not wrong no UST offer motorised zoom but please correct me If I am). I don't like short-throw ones because it would have to be placed somewhere in the middle of the room.
5. Smaller is better but I understand that bigger fans a quieter.
6. Around 2000 lumens would work for me. Casio is 2500 ANSI lumens and we usually watch in the lowest settings because the eco (medium) mode is already too loud

I don't need:
1. small lag - I'm not a gamer
2. as above 4k good to have but if Casio's 720p satisfies me then 1080 will be good enough
3. Internal speaker. I've got a good home cinema
4. Smart functions like built-in android

Price - It would be nice to stay around £1k

Thanks in advance for any input.


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Epson 9300 is around £1k and:
1. Quiet
2. Motorised lens cover
3. Motorised vertical and horizontal shift
4. Motorised Lens focus
5. Standard throw
6. Around 2000 lumens SDR (well more than 2000 lumens on the box, once calibrated will be lower of course)
7. also had HDR/4K support if you need it

It has no internal speaker or smart functions.

Basically what you described is very close to an Epson 9300.
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