Question Projector with high Throw-Ratio (Long room, Small screen)


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I want to buy a projector for watching TV series and movies. It will not be using it very often (once every few days).
I have many constraints in the living room where I intend to install it. Specifically there is no place to constantly hang a TV screen, that's why I want a projector.

I need to position the projector in one side of the room, and the wall where the picture will be projected is on the other side - the distance between them (wall to wall) is 480cm. (~16 feet)
The wall where the picture will be projected has various things around, so I am limited to a picture of up to 80inch (100x177cm)
If I reduce 25cm from the distance for the projector's depth - I get a throw ratio of 2.57
Most projectors I see are not close to such throw ratio.. or am I missing something?

I don't want to hang the projector or the screen from the ceiling in the middle of the room.
Also, I don't want an expensive projector. (e.g. up to ~600$ in Amazon)
What I thought might be possible as an alternative is using a screen on a tripod in the middle of room, so I can fold it when not used. This way I can reach a smaller throw ratio.
But I'm not sure how convenient it is and how's the quality. (setup time should be minimal)

What would you recommend?


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Any recommendations?

I will summarize the question:
Is there a non-expensive projector that supports Throw-Ratio of ~2.57 with reasonable quality? (as I must use a relatively small screen located far from the projector)

In addition, if the answer is no - would you recommend using a screen on tripod in the middle of the room in order to allow using projector with lower Throw-Ratio?


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