Projector vs OLED TV. Will Projector work? Which one should I get?


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I've always been interested in getting a Projector setup but I have so far just stuck with Televisions.

I am at a cross roads where I can either get something like the 77G1 OLED at £4.8K + wall mounting costs. or I can go for a Projector setup instead.

Will a Projector work well in this room? How would you guys position things if so? Pics of the room below:

The lounge is fairly bright due to the rear windows and the large patio doors. The curtains shown don't block light out that well, and the rear blinds only do an OK job of it really.

The room measures approximately 3.5M wide, 5.3M long. The wall with the TV unit on it is 2.5M from the corner to the doorframe.

I had a chat to a chap from RS today about it, and the general thoughts were it was possible, but would require a ceiling mounted screen in front of the rear windows (approx~ 3M wide or 136"), and the projector would be ceiling mounted above where the TV is shown. The sofa would then move to where the TV unit is currently seen.


This would make the throw distance of the projector about 5M or so. Would it be bright/big enough?

Will the ceiling lamp shades get in the way?

RS chap is recommending the Sony VPL-VW270ES as it's inline with the TV budget at £5K, but is the best one? Friend of mine says the JVC DLA-N5W may be better but it's also more expensive at £6.5K.

Is a ceiling mounted motorised screen the best idea here?


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Theres a good reason cinemas are dark. My calibrator said my image is superior to jvc because the room is fully light controlled.

My cinema room is 3.65m x 3.31m, my screen is 100" cinemascope ratio and I use headphones.

If you have not had a projector before you need to give the image chance to impress (A dedicated room).
I have seen videos on YouTube of people who have spent £50,000 plus on a cinema room to find out only 1 person uses it. I have the same projector/image for £3,500

You can add more once you know how the room is being used.


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A projector is a very different beast to a TV. I would personally suggest if going down the PJ route, do it cheap, cheerfully and smartly. If you like it, then spend big money. :)

Projection has multiple components to deal with.

1. Logistics and throw distance - utlimately only you'll know best but the RS guys suggestion isn't too bad of the PJ screen covering the rear windows as it gives you the biggest image size.

2. Reflections and room treatment - ideally you need to treat the room to reduce ambient light reflections in the room from the projector AND stop light coming in.

To stop coming light in is easy, get a blind.
To stop light bouncing around the room.. this is tough. You need to paint the room a colour which stops light bouncing about OR get an ALR screen. An ALR screen rejects light form the sides and maximises contrasts. It benefits the image with the lights on AND off in an untreated room but they are expensive. At your throw distance, your viewing cone with one will be fine.

3. Is it for you? Projection is a massive learning curve. The odds of getting everything right on the first go is slim to none because if you catch the bug, you will end up wanting to create a theatre. I always reccomend buying cheap second hand projection gear which is good, reliable and still has warranty and playing with it for a few weeks. If you like it, great. If you don't.. projector resale value is insanely amazing. A JVC PJ which is 4-6 years old still fetches very good money whilst a TV of that age is worthless.

4. Size vs PQ - you ulimtately with projection in an untreated room have to let go of contrast and blacks in favour of a different image.


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Two completely different animals really. Difficult to have just a projector setup without a TV as they’re not as flexible.

It is possible though, the most flexible projector option would be using an ALR screen which lots of people have success with, and possibly look at a short throw projector. These are much easier to house in the room, less daunting to the eye and certainly more front room friendly.

Something (not necessarily this one) like this:



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where there is a will there is a way...

however any projector is going to be challenged with ambient light ...especially direct on the screen with is a complete killer ....

indirect light its amazing how much can get away with ... particularly for non critical viewing

can you completely eliminate ambient light ? if you cant forget about a projector ...or consider use only after dark

the larger the screen is the greater the light will throw off it... so hence the greater the room comes into contention...

i wouldn't personally go a 270es its really not suited to be doing such a big screen..

your friend is on the money with a jvc n5

in a room such as this ... i would suggest a dual setup. flat panel for day time or leaving all the windows open... projector screen thats motorised and comes down for the larger screen experience ...either after dark or with all the windows and light eliminated from the room


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Thanks for all the advice guys, it's really appreciated. I like using it in the day still so maybe I just better stick with the TV for now as it has less compromises.

Projector setups done right do look amazing though, I am very jealous of the people that have the right setups for one!

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