projector virgin ! requires help

andrew constant

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i have given up on plasmas, now i am after a pj ,i have a buget of 2k i only require a screen size of 6 foot by 4, from wall 2 wall is 12 feet can u giveme some recomendations thanks.


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I think the standard suggestions are Sanyo Z2 or Panasonic AE500 for LCDs and maybe the Sharp Z91E for a DLP, leaving cash for a screen. There are others of course, perhaps less popular but probably just as good, your best bet is read the threads here, all common machines are likely mentioned.

Paul Hayward

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Hi Andrew,

i am not up with the throw distance of the new Domino 20H, but I can firmly reccommend this wonderful projector. I have seen it up against some stiff competition, and remarkably, it really holds its own. You owe it to yourself to at least catch a demo. Good hunting,


Paul H

andrew constant

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Thanks 4 your suggestions,i will have to seek out somewhere in south london who can demonstright some pj s 4 me . any suggestions?


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Depends how much you intend to use it and what you mainly want it for. Consoles, sky ,pc.
AE2/3/500 and z1/2 are good ones to start with and £2000 will buy you some impressive Dlp's sharp z91 and optoma 56 are worth a look if Rainbows do not bother you.

andrew constant

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it seems to be a shoot out between the AE500 v Z2 i will be watching mainly sky 75% dvd 25% so can anyone swing me one way or the other.?


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Here's my two-penneth :)

2k will get you a Sony VPL-HS20 (see pricerunner).

Better all round than AE500 or Z2 in my opinion. I owned a Z2, demoed an AE500 and now own an HS20.

Spend the money on the best projector you can afford... buy a budget screen and upgrade this later if you feel the need.

best regards



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