Projector & TV simultaneous connections help...


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I would like to be able to watch any source on either the TV or PJ, but not at the same time.

Can I get away with a couple of passive splitters like these?

I'm worried that HDCP handshaking between the source, PJ and TV will be confused. The Samsung TV doesn't really have an OFF but stays in standby unless you physically unplug it.

The background....

I've agreed to buy a second hand Epson TW3500 to replace my aged but excellent Philips Bogart projector and now need to sort out connections.

The Philips is RGBs SCART compatible (no HDMI) so I originally wired it with a B-Tech Quintro+ - the SCART output of any source goes to the Samsung TV and PJ.
Audio is routed using coax or optical connections from the source to a Denon amp (no HDMI).

I've gradually upgraded so now the primary sources are a PS3 (games + bluray), a xbox360 (Windows media extender for PVR) and a multiregion DVD player (SCART & component).

The TV connections for the PS3 and xbox are 2xHDMI for video.
The PJ connections for the PS3 and xbox360 are via SCART using the Quintro+.
(I have to unplug the xbox360 HDMI lead from the TV to get a picture on the PJ or it bleats about "HDCP display not found").
The DVD player is connected with SCART to the TV & PJ via the Quintro+

I'm not looking to change the amp for now.

Ideally I would connect the DVD player using component to the PJ and SCART to the TV.

Then add a couple of passive HDMI splitters & long HDMI leads to the PS3 and xbox so they can feed the TV or the PJ depending on what is switched on.

The alternative is to use an active HDMI switch + long HDMI lead but I'd prefer not to have another box under the TV eating power all the time and confusing the family with another remote control if I can avoid it.

Any thoughts or experiences welcome!


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Thanks for the link, the description suggests it has an internal amplifier powered off the HDMI source not passive like the one I've spotted.

I'd need 2 which would cost £35.98 so getting to the point where a full switch box + long HDMI lead would be cheaper than 2 splitters and 2 long leads.


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I've hunted through a number of Amazon reviews of passive splitters and there seems to be a heck of a lot of negative feedback.
Looks like I may have to go for a powered splitter or review my decision not to upgrade the amp.

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