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Projector torture...and what's the latest on LEDs?


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It's a little while since I last contributed on these forums (and bought a rather lovely Panny AX100 which I've been enjoying until recently). A few months ago i volunteered to go with a charity in central Africa doing medical projects in a former war zone. Intermittent internet access, and limited electricity the norm here, whilst my house is in the good care of a cinemaphile who's loving the chance to enjoy my Panny in my absence.

So my questions. We have a projector here which we use for teaching and for occasional movies (not sure the brand, it's a DLP data projector) and frankly we give it a hard time. It's powered through a voltage stabiliser, but I'm sure the frequent power cuts aren't good for it (it often overheats and at the moment refuses to come on at all, I think the bulb blew). So the first question is under such circumstances, has anyone any advice for prolonging its lifespan? In particular I'm wondering whether getting one of those lead battery type UPS devices you see in PC World would help, at least giving us time to power down the thing and let the fan cool it down rather than cool down immediately whenever the power cuts out. Are they suitable for PJs? How damaging is it to cut off the power rather than let the bulb be cooled down by the fan?

My other question is, what's the current state of LED projectors? I recall a while ago there was a little box that was selling for around £500, can't remember who by, that had an internal battery so didn't need the mains, but the consensus was the picture was very dark and you could only have an image a couple of feet across or so or else you wouldn't see anything. How has the market developed, and can anyone recommend anything reasonably priced and brighter that might be suitable for this environment? The idea of a projector that runs on batteries rather than mains is obviously very appealing, especially if it means we could take our training out to villages not on mains electricity. But brightness remains an issue, especailly in the heat of equatorial African sunshine.

Advice gratefully antipated! Thanks as ever, Dave

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