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Question Projector system setup help


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Morning all, after finally setting up my projector over the weekend (took alot less time then I thought for the initial mounting)
I am trying to sort out the cabling for the inputs but with no joy.
The sky box and ps4 are located under my projector screen connected through hdmi to my TV however the projector is 10m away so too far for hdmi. So I have made some cat 5 leads long enough however it doesn't seem to do anything so am I using the correct things for this? I have included photos of the connector I am using also to show position of my equipment.
Also how do I get the sound bar working with the projector do I need to connect that though 3.5 mm plug? And will a 10m one of these still transmit


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Just a few questions, then hopefully some helpful advice :)

Are you sending the images directly to the projector from the PS4 & Sky box?
Do you have an av Amplifier with twin HDMI outputs?
What are you doing for sound?

If you are trying to use the TV as the sound output plus use it to send an image to the TV, sadly this will not work.

You really need to look at something similar to Denon AVR-X2500H which will enable you to sort the image out enabling you to use the TV or Projector without any hassle. You will also need speakers together with speaker cable and HDMI cables - one to the TV and another to the Projector

If your trying to use Ethernet cables, then you will also need something similar to one of these to reconvert the Ethernet back to HDMI. Do be aware, that if you are using 4K products, then ones that work with 4K are required and from that point, longer runs of HDMI are far easier to work with


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Thank you so much this is just what I needed haha as I really am clueless. I don't mind DIY so wanted to do it myself.
So currently I have just used hdmi straight from ps4 / sky to the projector I tried using my Samsung soundbar and sub connecting to the projector through optical ( didn't work) also tried connecting the soundbar to the sky box through optical same didn't work. So for sound we have just been using the built in speakers on the optima uhd 40 projector. We do want to get some speakers for it however we arnt big on going really loud as this is mainly used while the kids are asleep. So recommendations for some speakers (have to be white to match and nothing stupidly expensive) just want clear decent sound as the projectors speakers are rubbish but we have gotten used to it haha.
I don't have an av amplifier with twin ports so I will have to get one of those.


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In a simple explanation, what you are trying to achieve with what your system will really open up a can of worms if you try to use many differing items to clip from one to another, it always reminds me of the Apollo 13 movie with the carbon monoxide filter, yes you might be able to fudge it to get it to work, but how reliable it will be over time is anyone's guess.

If the size of the speakers are causing you a worry, you can use a passive soundbar which will keep the system discrete, a simple cheap subwoofer will also keep the low levels in check. You don't need to worry about surround sound speakers and for setup, you simply allow the amp to run its own room EQ and it will switch the other speakers off once the microphone detects that they are missing.

One thing to be fully aware of is that even though you may not think that speakers make much of an impact to watching movies, it really adds about 50% of the experience in creating the overall experience (some say more which I tend to agree with).

I'm almost sure once you have experienced what good audio will bring to your cinema experiences, you'll end up looking at a Sub/SAT 5.1 speaker package to go with that Denon mentioned


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Pretty sure your uhd40 has optical audio output, (i have the uhd300x very similiar) in the specs it says
Outputs 1 x Audio 3.5mm, 1 x S/PDIF (optical/toslink)
guessing your sound bar has the same input so you could run a cable between them ?
doubt youll need an av receiver really, the projector has 2 hdmi inputs, you have 2 hdmi devices so far, could always get a hdmi splitter off amazon - needs to be 4k HDR compatible - i use this

one thing i would say, blackout curtains/blinds would be a must for the room mate, not expensive, for light control


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Yes it has optical output but when I connected the sound bar too it I couldn't get it to work not sure why. As for the black out curtains at jight it is pitch black with the blinds and curtains drawn.

Im all for buying a sound system I just don't want to go big and my wife doesn't want them to be ugly also they would need to be out of reach from the younger children. Aswell as have to be white else they wouldn't go in the room well.


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Regarding the sound issue I'd try changing the audio format outputs of the sky box and ps4 as the projector may not convert the audio for you.
The ps4 does linear pcm and bitstream. Have your sound bar hooked up and change the settings to see if you get audio. I know my uhd300x only outputted stereo from a Dolby digital 5.1 input via ps4.
Good luck


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As for worrying about young children, my old Arcam rep (DW) gave me some of the best advice I've ever been given regarding electronics and little ones and that is to take a deep breath and not react when they are near the important parts. Once they've been done what they want and no-one has reacted, its quite a boring piece of wood to them. I mightn't add I was feeling the opposite inside.

My eldest once turn the volume up so much that it scared himself half to def and never touched that part again afterwards until he was quite a bit older - my wife had a video which was so funny with her telling him not to touch Daddies toys.

I didn't get away with my TV as much when he ran his toy car over the LCD screen and scratched it. but with the speakers, they all survived which to me was the important part of my system. TV's get replaced whereas if you find a pair of speakers you really like, you usually keep them for a long time and I've had mine for a very long time now ;)

The biggest thing is the tweeters and if you look at the Whafedale's, they cannot get to them, so as long as you secure them, it'll make them prefect for a family friendly home system speaker package, I also sure you can set the maximum volume on almost amps now ensuring you don't scare everyone to death when little fingers find interesting buttons and knobs :laugh:

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