Projector Suggestions for 216inch image for a 4.8mtr wide garage door?


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I don’t know much at all about projectors and need some advice,

I am looking to get a projector to project onto a double garage door.

(I do a Christmas lights show, and would like to project videos onto the door)

The garage door measures 4.8mtrs wide x 2.1 metres high,
And would like the projected image to fill the whole door, if possible,
So, I think in order to get the 4.8mtrs wide, at 16:9 would be 2.7mtrs tall, diagonal size would be 5507mm or 216 inch’s
(I’m hoping I can trim the extra 600mm height from top and bottom (e.g., black bars in source) to get the full width,)

My original thought was to get a short throw projector, or two, (as I have a good overhang on the roof above the garage),
But I don’t think 1 projector will give me the size, and 2 projectors may, but not sure how it would go lining them up to look seamless, (splitting the image I can do in software)
Or, I can look into normal projectors, and I can place it in an enclosure on the driveway, the driveways length is 7.7 meters from the door to the furthest point back I could put it back,

But then the further back you go the brightness becomes an issue??

I am a bit lost trying to find something suitable, and looking for advice on what would work,



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2 x 109" rear projection setups.

Not going to work in daylight.

Thanks for your reply, sorry i should have mentioned will be run in night time (dark) so daylight is not a issue,

I was going to project onto the door itself as its white, never thought of rear projection, thanks again for the reply

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