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Hi all,

This is my first post here so please don’t bite my head off! lol :)

I’m trying to find a projector stand that slides under the back of my sofa or bed. The ones if seen so far are quite bulky, like the IKEA shelf. Not really what I’m after. I have read other options from old threads on here but it looks like those stands are now unavailable.
I’ve seen these stands from China, but I don’t fancy buying one from this particular site as it doesn’t look very official.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this in the UK??

Thanks I’m advance - J :)

Joe Fernand

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A wall or ceiling mount or one of the new Ultra Short Throw projectors are far more secure.

If you don't plan to 'install' the projector I would look at sitting one in front of you (on a table) rather than behind you as your first option.



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That stand looks tall and looks easy to topple over unless it's securely fixed to a wall.

I would consider making your own.

Here's my projector stand. My projector is mounted using a cheap £7 mount off ebay.

I personally prefer to have the projector permanently mounted as I find it very inconvenient to install it everytime you need to use it with all the messing about with positioning (to make the image fit perfectly onto the screen) and plugging in and out the cabling.

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