Projector Stand, cheap? small, where to buy in London?


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Im looking for a small, cheap (£10-20?) way to prop my projector up about 2 foot higher than it is, with the ability to swivel the top so i can rotate the projector about 5-10 degrees up or down.

Would be nice if it could also fold or retract down when not in use, and look stylish or nice, not cheap or chavvy ;)

Where can I buy something like this in London?



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can anyone tell me, can the projector be mounted on a tripod using the tripod screw?
is it similar to a ceiling mount setup?


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I'm not sure but you could take it into a camera shop and ask to try, i think a gorilla pod would work for your purpose assuming the screws are the same.


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ya, saw those, but i need one at least 50cm tall, and they are quite expensive...
im hoping something around £20 will do ;)

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