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What settings/setup do you use with your projector when using Xbox?

I have an AE200 connected to a modified Xbox via component for progressive scan and I also use a Hoya filter.

I find 'dynamic' with a bit of contrast added to be best because the Xbox picture is known to be quite dull and murky.

I am still not totally happy with the picture as jaggies are still visible and the picture is not has sharp as I would like. I presume this is due to Xbox's limitations and that a higher resolution projector would not help much, but probably make it worse...

Any thoughts?



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Hi Seb,

I'm always blown away by the image quality of my Xbox on what is now quite an old NEC projector. I have a US box, connected via the official Microsoft High Definition lead.

Certainly wouldn't say I saw a lot of jaggies - and the image is pin-sharp. It almost sounds like you are still running in interlaced mode?

Have you got a US or PAL box - and are you using the video mode selector disk if it's PAL?



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I am definitely getting a progressive image because the projector is detecting a 525P signal. The game I am playing is Rallisport Challenge (PAL). The jaggies are not bad, but there are a few...

My Xbox was bought from so I presume its a modified PAL Xbox.

What if I try a US game? Do PAL games in NTSC mode not look as good as a US game would?

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