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    I am taking my first steps into buying a projector and have selected the following listed below from reading various posts, consulting web sites etc.

    The main criteria is to use the projector for home theatre and have made the decision to buy a native wide-screen machine. Secondary uses would include hooking up a PC and X-Box.

    The projector list (at the moment) is:

    Epson EMP-TW100
    Toshiba TDP-MT5
    Panasonic PT-AE100E

    I appreciate already that the projection technology and resolution are key differences and price in the case of the Panasonic. I would be grateful for any help/advice or indeed any other projectors I should look at.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS Next week I will be visiting Sevenoaks to have a demo of the Toshiba (thanks to a very helpful Toshiba sales person).

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