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Hi, I'm having curtains put up on a 8 ft wide x 5 ft high window and I thought I might as well get a screen installed so that it will be concealed when not in use. I have been advised to use a normal white blind which would only cost £30 for a 7 ft and only slightly more for an 8 ft. Can anyone advise if this could work? Could I paint it to improve matters or have I got to spend £300+ for a proper screen?
I do not have a projector yet, I'm waiting for the new Sony/Panasonic or might even consider the new Sanyo/Sharp/Philips that I beleive are all due out very shortly.

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For £30 you can't complain at the value of the a roller blind. It will give you a large flat (you hope) surface to project on to. As a stop gap solution it will probably work quite well.

Screens are often thought of as a simple bit of technology in very much the same way that cables were once thought to be unimportant. But a screen is more than just a surface to project on to. You should read Gordon Frasiers excellent guide to screens under AV FAQ, then follow the links to screens then perhaps visit his website for a price quote. Several forum members have bought screens from Gordon and been pleased with the price and service.

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Are you talking about projecting onto the blind itself?

If you are, I think it might be a bit of a pain.... presumably you want a blind to block out daylight. But chances are you'll still get some light around the edges of it, which is only going to distract you from the picture. The only way around this I can think of is to buy a blind bigger than the window, but if you're going to do that you may as well buy a screen. More money, but if you're paying £2k on a projector you want to get the best out of it.

Have a look at the new NEC LT260 if you're still considering which projector to get.


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Would you be interested in a 6' Screen at reasonable price.

Where do you live?


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I use a roller blind.

With an LCD device, you might want to consider getting a light grey, rather than white one. Get one that is specified as 'blackout'. Install it in front of curtains which are also blackout lined.

You may find, however, that a blackout blind increases the cost to the same ballpark as a low-end 'proper' screen.


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petrolhead: Would you be interested in a 6' Screen at reasonable price.

Thanks for the offer but I think I will want a bigger screen if poss, but still how much do want for it, which make, there might be someone else who might take you up.

nigel I use a roller blind :
Thanks you letting me know about the light grey and a blackout type, but I think you are right the price of it might be very close to a proper screen. It was just that the l saw the 7ft white roller blind at £30 and it was tempting to try. Also I think the the normal roller blind has only 2" width, but a proper sreen might be much wider and I'm hoping to conceal the screen completely behind the curtain pelmet/swag.


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Its a Brentford and I am looking at offers around £75

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