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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone could give me a little advice. I have an Onkyo TX-SR507 with some KEF 1001 speakers and a kube -1. I have a 40" Sony bravia KDL-W4500 and am now wanting to upgrade to projector with electric screen to watch movies and football mainly. I'm looking to spend about £2.5k for projector and screen.
I've attached a pic of my living room layout and was wondering if you could give advice as to whether i'd be able to fit a screen in where everyone would get a good viewing angle, and also if I was to fit it above the tv (diagonally, however don't know how it'd look) would the screen be affected by the heat coming of the radiator. The height of the room is 7' 10" (2.4m) width of the room is 10' 10" (3.3m) and the length is 19' 3" (6m). As you can see the windows are virtually the width of the room bringing in lots of natural light (unfortunately) with a light meter I was getting a highest reading of approx 1195 lux (I don't know if thats of any use and relevance though). Many thanks for your help guys it'll be much appreciated.


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Hey guys, any help would be much appreciated regarding screen positioning, size and projector type. Want to try and get set up before the footy season starts. Looking to get a 1080 projector to start me of, I was looking at the 3d ones also but without me knowing resolution and contrast ratios I'm a little dubious.


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Thanks for the reply True romance. The front left. right and centre are either side of the tv, but can be moved if you think they should ( I'm a complete virgin to the projector world). As for the dining room doors, I could have it so only one side opens (think the missus might have something to say otherwise :) To be honest I think its a great idea but would I need to change speakers to either side of dining room doors? If so can you get away with the speakers being slightly offset (Centre speaker). Have been saving up for a while now for a projector so your input is really appreciated. Also would a screen be affected by the radiator? I'm sorry for so many questions have been reading loads but to no avail. Thanks again.

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Sorry I've never used a drop down screen but I would think the heat from the rad could make the screen move?? Sure one of the screen experts will confirm this.

Also would you be using the pj during daylight hours? If so did you plan on using curtains or blinds over the windows. HC Pj's will look washed out with to much daylight.
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No worries mate, any advice is much appreciated. Yeah I was planning on using it for the 3pm english premierleague games, I have curtains but the missus would moan like hell if it were pitch black in here during the day. The movies in the evening wouldnt be a prob tho. I'm not sure how to take the light reading also, i had taken it from the viewing seat but after further readingI think i should have taken it from the position of the projector screen.

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