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    I'm thinking about buying a BenQ W100 projector and Sapphire screen
    (SEWS200RWSF-A) for watching movies and sky sports etc. I'm only
    interested in SD right now as I'm not keen to up my SKY subscription
    and don't have any HD DVDs (or player) yet.

    Our lounge has a 9 foot high ceiling with a large light fitting that hangs
    down from the middle. It's about 17 foot by 16 foot and I'm keen to
    have the projector wall or ceiling mounted (ie not on a table in the middle
    or the room).

    So, I have a couple of questions that I'd really appreciate some help

    * My budget is about £700 so I don't want to pay more for a special
    screen with a large top border - therefore, would I need to mount the
    200mm wide sapphire screen on the wall rather than the ceiling for
    a confortable viewing position?

    * The benq w100 does have some vertical keystone correction, so
    does anyone know if it would be capable of being ceiling mounted
    and project cleanly onto the wall mounted screen? I guess the drop
    from the projector to the top of the screen would be about 2 feet
    or so.

    * This all assumes that my light fitting that hangs down from the
    centre of the room isn't going to cause me a problem. I'm guessing it
    is, so does anyone know of a (budget) ceiling mount that can be
    lowered and raised when not used? This would also solve the
    vertical alignment issue.

    * Also, (sorry slightly off topic), but could anyone say whether or not
    I'd get a reasonably good picture with an S-video cable from by
    Sky+ (SD) box to the SD projector? The Sky+ box doesn't have
    component YPrPb output so the only alternative would be RGB over
    scart but I don't think the projector supports component RGB.


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