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Hi All

I am looking for some advice about mouting a screen in a room with a sloping ceiling.

Here is a picture of my proposed cinema room. The dimensions are 6.94m long x 4.07m wide. However, as you see from the picture, the ceiling is sloping on both sides along its length.

I plan to put the screen over the far window (preferably mounted on the ceiling, such that it can drop in front of a plasma), however the measurement of the flat part of the ceiling between the two sloping parts is only 220cm. I figure that subtracting approx. 30cm for casing (for a draper react ii screen), that would only leave me enough room for a 85inch 16:9 screen. Ideally i'd like something closer to 100inch.

Has anyone faced similar issues and found a clever way to mount their screen to overcome this? Perhaps some kind of suspended box work, so that I can mount the screen at a wider part of the ceiling....

Any suggestions appreciated.


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What a stunning room, that will make a great cinema room. I'd recommend putting the screen on the flat, it looks wide enough for a decent screen, it needn't be right up at ceiling height. This would allow too for better audio, I should think (but am speculating) as you can space out the speakers moreso. My room is similar, but without the lovely flat wall at the end, and I've placed the screen at floor level. Works out quite well but limits projector placement slightly.


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Has anyone faced similar issues and found a clever way to mount their screen to overcome this? Perhaps some kind of suspended box work, so that I can mount the screen at a wider part of the ceiling....

As long as you don't need a very big screen, I think you can follow bragowolf's advice. You will get better sound by setting the HC along the room.

I am in a pretty similar situation, but my attic is smaller, so I had to set the HC across the room.
Take a look at this thread:

I still haven't fixed any screen yet.
Wanted to go with a tab-tensioned React2, but after testing the materials they use for fixed and tab-tensioned screens (React2 and React2.1 respectively) I preferred the original React2 which can not be fitted in tab-tensioned screens. Both materials are really good at improving contrast but original React2 is a bit brighter and neutral to my eyes.
I am temporarily using a cheap matte white that I borrowed from the office (not pictured) and tried a metallic matte grey fixed screen that gives a superb PQ but WAF is equal to cero.



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Hi there

In case anyone encounters a similar issue of needing to mount a screen between eaves, here is a set of pictures to show how I (eventually) tackled this. Sorry for resurrecting such an old thread - the build, purchase of av gear etc. has been a few months in the planning and implementation.

The project basically comprised a wooden box suspended from joists in the eaves, just at the right height to accommodate a screen with a 104 inch diagonal. A draper blackline screen case is hidden within the box. Low profile wooden plinths were then added to the walls at each side of the screen box to help conceal the power cable and rf remote receiver box. (There is still some decoration to be done to finish the box - but you get the idea).

Rather than disturbing the plasterwork, I chose to install a new skirting box to the existing skirting, to conceal all av cables running around the room from an AV stack at the rear left corner. The fronts of the skirting box are removable in case of cable upgrades or repairs down the line.

A custom blackout blind was installed in the window behind the screen, with velux blackout blinds installed in the sky lights.

There is still work to be done hiding the power and HDMI cables from the projector – to be determined whether to try and go up through the ceiling, or to attach some low profile trunking along the ceiling and down the left wall.

The screen is currently matt white – not ideal for my light room setup – although this is a temporary solution while waiting for Draper to deliver a Reactii once they’ve finalised the new material.

A "before" pic can be seen in post #1 above, with the "after" pics below.

AV equipment:
KEF XQ40 front L&R
KEF XQ50 centre
Mordaunt Short rear L&R speakers (taken from an old Mordant Short Genie setup)
Sony HW50 Projector
Onkyo 5009 AV Amp
Panasonic BDT500 Bluray (3D&Region 2)
Philips BDP9500 Bluray (Region 1)
Van Damme Blue Series Studio Grade Speaker Cable
Sky 1TB box
Mac Mini
Xbox 360
W. Schillig Ergoline cinema seats


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