Projector screen- my options


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Ok, we have a budget of around £150 maybe moor for a screen which effectively puts us out of the large electric screens catagory, so i would like either a manual screen, fixed screen or to build my own.

Where are good places to get screen material from (harkness hall???) and i dont get this gain 1.1/1.5 thing- i know grey screens increase black levels but i didnt know there are different levels of grey? If i dis make my own material screen is there any pitfalls or anything i knwo about before i order materials/start to construct it. or i could mount a large MDF sheet on the wall and, edge it with velvet and paint it with that special projector paint i keep seeing everywhere (or will just ordinary light grey paint work)

many thanks


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I built my own from blackout material (£5 a metre) and 2" x 1" pine... painted a black border with fabric paint... 100" dia screen for less than £30, and the result is great!


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I got the material from a market stall... it's white.


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Ok, thanks, i think im understanding what 1.1 and 1.5 etc gain is now

Has anyone got any opinions on the painted MDF sheet?? or is is not as good as material??


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If you paint it the right colour and are careful to avoid brush/roller/pad marks, then it's arguably better.

However I'm sure there are many fine DIY efforts made from blackout material too.
One slight issue may be the colour of the material - the white (at least from what I've seen) isn't brilliant white, and if you can find grey, it'll be pot luck if it's neutral grey and the right shade!
Having said that though the fact that the shades are not quite right may be all but irrelevant in normal use anyway, for all but the most discerning viewer!

I've seen someone projecting onto a pale beige wall before, and while it was noticable at first, you kinda got sort of used to it after a short while (and a few tweaks of course :) :) ) - not sure I'd actually recommend this to anyone though! :) :)

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