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Hi all,

I'm looking for a bit of a advice/ideas around potentially adding a projector/screen after a recent refurb of my living space - see below pics of the current TV area & kitchen area behind. Budget is fairly flexible but given the limitations I think spending more than £5K would probably be getting a bit silly. Usage wise I'd still plan to use the TV most of the time but use the projector mainly for watching films and so on, probably a few times per week

I have a spot where I could setup a projector above my kitchen cabinets but unfortunately I didn't consider just how big some projectors are, so realistically it's going to limit my options immediately as it would be way too intrusive given the space is only 370mm deep. The other issue is mounting the screen - I was thinking about fitting a pull down screen within the TV area but having had a quick look online most screen mounts seem to take up a lot more extra width so it could limit options for size. Another option I guess would be to mount above the cabinets, but again I'm struggling to think how that would work well in the space

Am I mad for considering this or should I abandon the plan? Obviously with a projector it's not something you can easily test out without getting the screen sorted first and I don't want to spend a lot of money only to end up disappointed!


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If you look at a projector with lens shift, you maybe able to place the projector upon the fridge which should be 600mm deep (I'm guessing that's what the unit is to the left of image 20210616_090849. You will also need an acoustic transparent screen

So, my suggestion would be to look at an Epson EH-TW9400w to start with as if this unit will not fit, then you are going to struggle regardless of what projector you use. If you want to mount it centrally, maybe look at some solid microwave shelves which are in keeping with the decor you have

It will not be easy to work out the angles as all projector have a limitation when projecting from off centre as this reduces the vertical shift and its an ever decreasing amount the more off center the unit is placed. But you should be able to get an basic idea from the throw, viewable screen height and offset. But without any measurements, It will be impossible to see where you are and whether its even worth looking at it

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