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I'm just wondering whether instead of buying a screen for my planned projector upgrade, i could get away with just using a flat wall painted with matt white paint. I'm planning to use the projector in my loft extension which i am currently redecorating using matt paint to minimise reflection off my walls. My question is what effect would just using an area painted in matt white paint on my wall have to picture quality? Is this worth doing or simply a no go situation?



Peter Parker

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Try it and see. :)

Many have and are very pleased with the results, but it does vary, and the walls may not be flat. Having a black wall with a white screen is a better option - you can paint the wall and leave a white painted screen which will look better too.

I used cheap black carpet for my screen wall as that helps deaden the wall for sound reflections. You can get some cheap black(ish) carpet from carpet Right for £2.49 a sqr mtr and my wall cost £20 to do. Use thick wallpaper paste so that it can be removed easily at a later date without ruining the plaster underneath.

If you want a cheap screen, then buy some wood from B&Q - I used 18mm x 69mm x 2.7m to make an 84" (7ft) wide 16:9 frame, and then stretched some white blackout cloth over it. You can get the stuff from any curtain shop, and it's a white cloth one side, and off-white vinyl the other. I preferd the cloth side but the choice is yours. The whole lot should cost about £30 including screws and staples. I glued and screwed mine together, but you could use small flat angle brackets so that you don't have to do any real drilling. You can upgrade it to 'proper' screen material later if you need some gain for about £100. I did this to get 1.2 gain after changing to a lower light output projector.

I've some pics of my budget loft conversion on my web-site if you're interested.

I use Kodak 18% grey (Duluxe 6000n) mixed at my local Fads for the upper walls and ceiling. This neutralises and light reflections from the walls etc should they fall back onto the screen. using a colour may (or may not) affect the screen colour if this occurs.


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