Projector screen hanging from ceiling HELP please!


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my boyfriend and I are big movie people so we invested in buying a projector and a screen now we have the task of installing it. The actual projector isn't a problem it's more so the screen.

We want it to be installed on the ceiling. We've got a manual pull down 94" Draper screen, weighing about 10kg, that needs to go up and stay up.

The screen has only 2 screw holes 7mm in diameter one on either end for which to put a bolt through and into the ceiling.

The attic is above us and we want it to go into one of the beams in the ceiling. Went to the hardware store today and the guy said that buying any screw probably wouldn't hold it.

Would someone please be able to help us out because after paying for the screen and the projector we can't afford to have someone come and do it for us :(

This will be a DIY job and we want it sturdy.

Please could someone tell me a good, strong and safe way of installing this to the ceiling. Types of screws, bolts or anything that will be needed could you please list. Thanks in advance.


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You are on the right track - the guy in the hardware store is talking rubbish.

If you have access to the loft above, first check if the ceiling joists are running the same way as your screen or at 90 degrees to it.

if its parallel, measure from the wall and you might be in luck and be able to screw straight into one of the joists if they are in the correct location.

otherwise, i'd recommend inserting some extra timber in the correct location by attatching it to the existing joists - then screw into them

fasten the additional timber by drilling and bolting -you don't want to be hammering nails in otherwise you're likely to crack your ceiling.

using 2 decent wood screws into either the joist or timber and it'll be solid.

good luck!


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I've just seen this on ebay and am wondering whether its something like this that i need
Ceiling Bracket for Hanging Projector Projection Screen - eBay, Projectors, DVD Home Cinema, Consumer Electronics. (end time 05-May-10 05:32:58 AEST)

Thanks for replying andy :) I have a feeling the holes on either end of the projector are for hanging as it seems unrealistic to think that a 7mm screw - not a bolt - will hold it. Although there will be 2 of them one on either end.

Pretty sure the beam in the attic is right where we want the projector anyways and i think the beam runs the same way as the projector does.

I've suggested buying some more pine to reinforce it and actually bolt/screw it onto that one but dunno yet.

How have other people mounted theirs to the ceiling?

and do you think the brackets from ebay would end up making it easier?

I really don't know what to do with this to be honest.


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I think I know the kinda holes you mean, there a bit too big for a screw really..

On my screen I had similar mounting holes, and used hook anchor's to locate the screen. I can't find a link for the kind you need for wood, but this link shows the hook anchor for fixing into masonary.

Shield Anchor Hook Type M10 110mm Drill Size 16 Pack of 5 -, Where the Trade Buys

So, if you can find some of these in your local DIY store, but with a nice big washer and nut on the other end, then you can mount some timber between your joists, drill through them where the bolts would be located and then fit the screen up with these hooks and bolt them into the loft.

PS: You'll want to hook the bolts onto the screen, then lift the screen into place pushing the threaded part of the bolt up through the ceiling with someone in the loft to fit the nuts and tighten them. Reason being is you wont be able to "hook" the screen on at either end if you fix the hooks into place... I know from experience ;)

I'll see if I can find a picture of my hook bolts and post it up for you in a minute.

Cheers and good luck.



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Bardel, yeah thats the type of thing I think would be good. Only thing is we don't want to cut a big hole in the roof as it's going to be in our room, so it will only be pulled down when viewing movies.

Do you think if I get something like that to hook it up with it will be safe just screwed into the ceiling and then directly into one of the beams?
OR does the thread of the screw go through to the other side of the beam and you can actually secure it with a bolt?

Also do you think that we'll be able to do it using these hooky type things going straight through the ceiling?

I've take a picture of what I presume is the hanging things on the screen we have, it's hard to see but it's like a "L" shape with 2 holes. One if you want it hanging from the roof and one if you want it on the side of a wall. There's one on each side.


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Ok, firstly, you wouldn't necessarily need to make a big hole in the ceiling. You can work out where you need the bolts to go and then from above place the extra wood work in place for the bolts to go through.

That said, in your picture, the fixing looks like it could be different to mine. On my screen, the hole was not flat to the ceiling, so I couldn't put a screw or bolt through it, hence the need for the hook, the second photo here might show that better. If held up against the ceiling, would your screens mountings lie flat to the ceiling or vertically as mine did?


If the fixings lie flat to the ceiling then I think you should be able to get some hefty wood screws that will do the job. Something like these...

Quicksilver® Prodrive® Rndhead Twin Thread Woodscrews 10 x 1½" Pack of 200 -, Where the Trade Buys

You'll be suprised how much weight the screws will hold, just be sure that they are tightly mounted into the joists or other "noggin" joist work that you have to put in place so that there is a suitable mounting where you need it and also make sure that the head of the screw is a good fit in the hole, you can also add washers to help spread the load of the screw across the fixing better if the head isn't much larger than the hole.

If the holes on the screen are vertical like my screen and you need a hook, both of the examples you listed are for masonary, although I seem to recall that mine were too and I removed the expanding part of the bolt that normally expands inside the brickwork and replaced it with a washer and nut. As for the choice between the two, it really comes down to the size of the hole in the screen, if the M8 fixing fits, then use it, but I suspect you may need only the M6 for those holes.

Sorry I couldn't be conclusive, so difficult to tell from a photo sometimes!

All the best.



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That said, in your picture, the fixing looks like it could be different to mine. On my screen, the hole was not flat to the ceiling, so I couldn't put a screw or bolt through it, hence the need for the hook, the second photo here might show that better. If held up against the ceiling, would your screens mountings lie flat to the ceiling or vertically as mine did?

yeah it would sit flush against the ceiling.
I did suggest just a screw to my other half but he's not hearing it. he doesn't feel it will be strong enough. If he thinks that the thread on the hook one is going to be better then thats what we'll do.
A guy who doesn't know much about DIY stuff, and knows that I've built many things with wood and nope, won't even trust the packet with the load written on the screw set.

Seems like he might be ok with the hook idea, not that it makes much difference. But yeah....

Thanks for your help. I'm gonna take another trip to the hardware store tomorrow. Will let you know what happens


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I don't know if it's any help but I used the 2 smallest ones from a set of storage hooks from Wickes - I bought them because some day I am going to tidy up my garage !

Multi Purpose Storage Hooks - Metal Shelving Systems - Shelving -Tools, Electrical & Plumbing - Wickes

I used the small straight ones right in the middle of the picture screwed into the joist (drill a pilot hole first to avoid splitting the wood), painted them to match the decor and suspended the screen with 2 short lengths of chain. Looks fine and is perfectly strong enough

big john 1983

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These are great:

Turbo Coach Screws - Buy quality Turbo Coach Screws at

Just drill a pilot hole first, and then you can hang off them!

If your joists run perpendicular to the screen direction, just put a 3X2 (or same size as the joist if you wish) noggin between to fix the bracket into.

Don't worry about doing it, it's not a big job and the house won't collapse! If you make a hole in the wrong place, just use a bit of filler and some paint and it'll be fine.

I used to be scared of DIY until I tried it! :clap:


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Now that you've confirmed the brackets lie flat against the ceiling, I wouldn't go with hooks for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the screen will hang away from the ceiling and secondly unless you hook both holes at both ends, the screen will swing on the single hooks and most likely hang at an angle also.

Bizarely, I just looked up some coach bolts on screwfix as an alternative (I only read the notification from the avforum email) and have selected the same / similar bolts as Big John!

Turbo Coach Screws, Zinc & Yellow Passivated M6 x 70mm Pack of 100 -, Where the Trade Buys

This is definately the way to go with the type of bracket you have over hooks. I have polystyrene blocks either side of the centre of my screen housing to stop it swinging (it didn't move much but does kick a bit when the motor starts) but these are all hidden from view as mine is hidden in the ceiling void.




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I assume the screen runs in line with the joists then?

You don't have to fit it directly under a beam, you can put a "noggin" (a short piece of timber the same size as the existing beams) between the longer beams you have. If you position them the same distance apart as the mounting points on the screen, then you can fix the screen to the "nogins".

When fitting the noggins, put a couple of screws through the sides of the beams into the ends of your nogins to secure them in place, and then fit the screen to the noggins, that will give you more flexibility over location. It's kinda the same as I've done in my photos, although I've supported my nogins from below for a bit of flexibility when locating the screen in place.

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yeah when i went to the hardware shop just now to get some wood for the extra joists he asked how thick they were and i said 75mm he's like what? im like yeah, but thats the bloody housing trust for you.

As for a crack. there'es been a slight bubble type crack along one of the beams for a while. Not sure what to do about it as it doesn't seem to change or get any worse. I've rang the house people about it and they weren't helpful at all. If we go and put something up on the ceiling will they blame us for the crack? That is the question.

Also I ended up with long bolts and a nut to put on the end which will fit through it all. Only now we're unsure as to put it up at all. Such a friggen drama, yet again


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we tried tonight to do it with the long bolts we had bought and we got them through the ceiling. but when it came to bolting the 2 pieces together to the beam we had difficulty.
We ended up giving up at 9pm and now he's kinda understanding why everyone even me was suggesting screws. So maybe tomorrow


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Finally got the screen up after another visit to the hardware store yesterday :)
It looks great up there, the ceiling hasnt caved or and nothing drastic.

Big thanks for everyone who helped me with my questions, particularly Bardel.

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