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Jun 2, 2013
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Hi all,
Happy to be in the community!
I just got an Optoma UHD40 and will use it for movies in my living room, where I can decrease the ambience light.

I understand the UHD40 is ok with lumems (2400) but should get some help with blacks, hence a negative gain screen (e.g.: 0.6-0.8) should be optimal.

Does this sound all right? Any suggestion for such a screen (120 inch, 16:9, motorized) without breaking the bank (I already spent my budget on the projector...)?

A grey screen with that kind of gain will help with the intra-scene contrast as well as improving black levels.
As a matter of fact I'm looking for a grey screen, but I'm able to find only "Matt white" options.

Any candidate in the £100-£300 bracket?

I can;t help you there I'm afraid, but if you don't get any other replies, you might get more if you start a new thread asking just about grey screens.
The pj real light output is not that high. When using the pj in eco mode you get around 800 lumens in cinema mode (the only one with calibrated colors, because the rest of the presets are garbage in terms of accuracy).

If you go for a screen with negative gain don't go lower than 0.8, it will make the eco mode unusable.

The cheapest and probably the most realiable solution for the long run will be to buy some black widow and pain the wall where you want to project. Good quality motorized ALR screes will be very expensive. You will have to pay almost the price of the projector.
That means that the pj goes from the 2400 lumens (the nominal figure I saw in the specs) down to 800 in eco and cinema mode...that's a huge difference!
Is it due to settings being in eco or cinema mode? Just wondering why the eco is important (apologies I don't know mich about projectors!).

Thanks a lot,
We are talking about cinema preset, with good colors. You can have 2000+ lumens but the colors will look washed out and the image will be garbage because most of those lumens are white lumens not color lumens. It's fine for powerpoint but not for movies or games.

Only high end projectors have real (color) lumens in specifications.

For watching movies you need Cinema preset.
Thanks a lot, this really helps.
800 lumens is really not that high, I'm questioning whether the grey screen is the right choice or if I should go for a standard white 1.0 or 1.1-1.2...
Do you have white walls or a dedicated home cinema dark room?

0.8 screen is good for rooms where you can't control ambient light very well
It's for my living room, hence some light will get in (despite the curtains, and the fact that we will watch movies during the evening...)
You can pain the projection wall with black widow than. Any decent ALR screen will cost almost if not more than what you paid for this projector.
Unfortunately the screen is going to be positioned over a door, so I can't paint :(

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