Projector Screen Aspect Ratio

Select the option closer to the aspect ratio of your screen

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voted for 'other' as i project direct onto a wall without any borders, so cant specify an aspect ratio.

if i was to add borders in the future it would be 16:9.


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2.35 for me - wouldn't want to go back to 16:9 and have top and bottom bars on widescreen films!


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2.35:1 for me, but only because I found most of my DVD collection was this AR (apart from 2 discs) and subsequently the majority of BluRay rentals have been 2.35:1. As I don't watch TV or sport on my projector there's less requirement for 16:9 content, but IMHO it depends on your viewing habits.

IWC Dopplel

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Woops, miposted my screen masking varies from 1.78 - 2.45:1

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