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    It's starting to look like a plan….. Mark in your diaries. Sunday, August 26th 2001.

    I managed to speak with the last link in the chain today, Arnie Wilkinson of Anders and Kern, the Stewart Screen distributors. All being well, and I see no reason why it should not be, that will be the date of the Event.

    Now the serious organising will have to start. So, I'll need everyone to check their diary, ask their friends or relatives and then let me know EXACTLY how many folk they will be bringing with them. Even if it's just you on your own I need to know.

    Why? Well I've had so many replies over the three Posts I've put out and several non-repeat replies that it's not possible to work out who is going to turn up. If everyone who has requested to be kept informed appears it could be a bit of a nightmare! Once I have exact numbers I can work out the best way to let everyone see everything. I don't want to jam folk in like sardines. Much better we space it out over the day and let everyone have a nice relaxing time. Then discuss it all over a beer later.

    So far this is what I am hoping will happen. We'll have a closed room demonstration. This room will house all the main demonstrations (somehow). Most probably we'll do the intro bit in the morning then get down to the dems after lunch.

    LCD v DLP v D'iLA

    7” v 8” v 9” CRT's

    Difference from Interlace to Progressive out on a DVD player, probably with a starter LCD unit

    Progressive DVD v Scaler v HTPC

    DVD component out v DVI out to a suitably equipped Scaler

    These are the main ones. If time allows we might do actual comparisons between competing models. Rock v Vigatec, VPL10HT v HT200 etc. The first thing is to let everyone see what happens when you go from the broken to working, then working to……

    Before the actual dems I'll show you what happens when you do things wrong and what all these weird artefacts folk like me keep going on about and how to recognise them in real life. During this we'll no doubt hear from a special guest and former forum member Richard, of Snell and Wilcox. Richard will be bringing with him a Snell and Wilcox Test pattern generator. I'm sure I'll be able to find some nice goodies on there to show up what's what in the great projector shootout. He knows a bit about 2:3 pulldown and all that stuff as well so he can carry the can for explaining that to you.

    Hopefully all this will happen in the one room. Other dem rooms in the shop will hopefully also have projectors in them to give an idea of what these are like in normal viewing conditions. Exactly what models all these projectors will be I cannot confirm at this stage.

    One of the other regular industry contributors to the forum, John Dawson from Arcam has also expressed a keen interest to attend. If his diary allows it I'm sure he'll be with us. This is a great opportunity to ask John what's going on with PAL progressive and to tell him everything you'd really like his company to do ( like give me a free FMJ 27…..)

    I'll make other announcements about what models of screens and projectors will be here as I know. I'm now just waiting on confirmation of screen types from Arnie for the main room (hoping for a grayhawk). I'll also let you know which other industry folk will be attending when I know.

    I have made enquiries about hotel rooms. So far the best I have is £35 a room a night at the Ibis hotel around the corner from the shop. They will not do discounts for multi-bookings. This hotel is owned by and attached to the Novotel. Novotel room rate is £42.50 a night. They have expressed they are open to negotiation on rates for multiple bookings. Once I've got numbers I'll approach them on everyones behalf and see what is possible, although I suspect £35 a night is going to be hard to beat for a 6 month old hotel with all the usual facilities in Glasgow City Centre.

    Now here's what you need to do if you want to attend.

    Email me at [email protected] with EVENT in the header. Even if you are one of the folk who has replied each of the last three times you're going to have to do it one final time, sorry.

    Tell me numbers you are bringing and if you are going to need accommodation and for how many nights. Which nights, ie Sat/Sun or Sun only or even Fri/Sat/Sun…
    Also would be nice to know particular area of interest and what specific A/B comparisons you'd like if possible. Please remember I can't promise anything, there are too many folk for that. If enough folk want one thing then that's what I'll try for.

    In order to make this fair on those who do respond it may be necessary to allocate tickets with any folk just turning up on the day being refused admission. So please email me it's in your interests.

    More as it happens……….

    ISF Calibrations

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