Projector recommendation for DES Pulsar 130" Scope Screen


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This is my first post on the avforum. I just ordered a Dark Energy Pulsar 1.4 130" Solid Surface scope screen. I have been "playing around" with a projector set-up for around a year now with an Epson 2150 and a home made portable wooden fixed frame with Carl's white fabric that gets set up in front of the TV on "movie night". I built a stand for it and it sets around 2.5 feet in front of the TV and is 59" X 121" inch. The problem is, with the throw distance I have in it current mounting location, I can't throw down to the 51" height screen when screen gets mounted to the front wall (replacing the TV altogether) when I want to watch "TV" in 16:9 format. Throw distance to the mounted screen will be right at 19'. So I will need to purchase a new projector. I wish to upgrade the projector as well for better black level and contrast.

My family room layout is 20.5' by 17.5'. The screen is on the 17.5' length wall. There are no windows on this wall. The wall to the left has no window. The wall in the rear (where the projector will live on the ceiling) has a bank of windows but all are covered with blackout shades covered by blackout curtains in between the windows. I am blocking 100% of direct light. The wall to the right is what is requiring the ALR Screen as it has a 14' wide by 7.5' opening into the eat-in kitchen. I do not have to worry about any direct light hitting the screen what so ever. The room can actually get fairly dark in the middle of the day.

I want a projector with enough lumens to be able to use the projector as a TV during the day. I also am not fond of sitting in a completely dark room while watching any content. (something I can not current due with the Carl's white without noticeable washout). I have always liked to have some ambient light. 2nd, I really would like a projector with a power lens. I will be adjusting multiple ratios. I don't want to have to climb the ladder each and every time (9' ceilings), plus I would like to push my seating back. (i have currently moved it up to give access for a ladder behind the seating area.)

So the obvious choice it seems is the Epson 5040UB. It is currently on sale for $1999 with a mail-in rebate for a "free" extra lamp. I like the lumen output and the improved resolution with the pixel shifting it has. The only thing that worries me about this projector is the many reports of power failures. Other than that...which is a big seems to be a good choice.

There are soooo many different projectors out there it is almost impossible to sift through them all, So I am reaching out for the vast experience of the people on this forum. What are some other projectors out there in this "ball park" price and features that would meet my needs.

Thanks for your input and I look forward to joining the community.

LumensLover and MississippiMan, I would love to get your input if you see this thread.

Apologies if I have placed this in the wrong thread location. I picked the one that seemed the most appropriate.

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