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Projector Purchase Problem


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Hello, thankyou for reading. I need a new projector following Sony projector breaking.
Considering the usual suspects Panasonic pt ae 6000 ? JVC DLA X500R shift E3 JVC DLA X35.
I have not ruled out Sony. The problem is that money affects which projector to choose in terms of value for money. There is plenty of advice everywhere comparing projector a versus b versus c giving a guide to value for money. However when it comes to the purchasing side the advice is a lot thinner.
Probably will buy the projector in the UK. However have checked HMRC sites for bringing one in from EU and further. For example it seems its possible to get the above Panasonic from a retailer called Pirates ? in Holland for £1700. Great on saving but perhaps harder for warranty. Where you buy from seems to massively affect the retail price. Not by £100 or £200 but by £1000 and beyond.
These price difference would then change the choice of which projector to choose.

Then my lack of retailer knowledge kicks in. There are factory new boxed items. Grey items ? Possibly factory refurbished items. Even if one goes to a UK retailer they seem capable of re-selling returns - shop displays without telling you. There are also major outlets like Amazon Ebuyer. I noted with JVC that they keep on upgrading the spec. So how can one be sure its the latest spec you are buying and not the one without the upgrades. Some UK online sites which specialise in projectors list many by the same manufacturer very bewildering. What do people consider when choosing where to buy from. The places which let you demo them them seem to add several hundred onto the price for the service. Where and which are the best retailers to buy from ? Is it worth getting on a plane or is Sevenoaks just safer ?

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where have you seen that retailers with demo facilities puts the price up by a few hundred quid just for the service

are these in the UK?


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Thankyou for the reply, it was just personal experience when last looking at projectors in the UK. Specialist home cinema - hifi high end type places have higher prices given the quality service and the time effort they spend looking after their customers. If I am wrong on this it is a positive thing in terms of buying. I am just looking for advice on where to buy from. Are you suggesting there is little difference in prices on these projectors.

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no I`m not suggesting that at all, but what I am saying is that I consider myself to be a projector home cinema specialist, I also consider myself to take time to look after my customers and take time to be certain in my own mind that the products they want to purchase are correct for them.

and I never once hike up the price because I do this, if I did I`d never sell anything :D

what I will also say is that if you purchase from a specialist they should know all about the product and help you with your purchase, these are not cheap items so you need to be certain you are buying the right thing to suit your requirements, and unfortunately the experience some of my customers tell me they`d have before coming to me, its not been the case

choose someone who has proper demo facilities, also something that will replicate what you may have at your own home so you`ll get a better understanding of how it will look when you get the goods home rather than guessing how it might look

also understand that screen choice is just as important as the projector itself, this is very often overlooked

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I can't find who tiptop are to be honest with you but I'd be wary of that price as it sounds like an grey imported sought of price or as you say vat is not included

the other company I've never heard of but they look ok website wise

it good to know that forum users support the assured advertisers and it's usually the forum advertisers that offer you the best deal and back up service long term as well

you do well to be certain that whoever you purchase from is able to offer you the 3 years JVC HD World warranty as well

Allan :smashin:

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I'm pretty certain they will be grey imported units with no UK jvc warranty


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Dear Aminio,

I do believe that you are mistaking the 'cheapest' with 'best value' which is a mistake I have made myself on many occasions in the past.

I will base my comments around the JVC X35 which I have, though I am sure it will be just as relevant to the other brands you have mentioned.

I think I can help you narrow it down somewhat, however. First of all JVC give you a three year warranty on a unit supplied by one of their dealers. The value of a a three year manufacturer warranty is significant - and should point you in the right direction. So all of a sudden you have a couple of hundred quid difference between an item bought from an established and accredited dealer with a 3 year warranty and some website hosted in the UK but run from a company in Slovenia, Hong Kong etc. Hmmm.

You don't actually think that these type of operations have any interest in looking after to you afterwards ! The number of threads on here on other forums from people who get shoddy refurbs passed off as new, non existent customer service and end up paying for repairs - and often goods that do not even turn up !

There is a great test you can employ to sort out the men from the boys. Ring them up (if you can !) and ask to speak someone about the item you are considering purchasing. Can they put you through to someone who can display a basic level of knowledge. Fair enough they may be busy and need to call you back - but do they do so - and in a reasonable amount of time ?

Remember these are the same people you will be calling if your item doesn't turn up, is faulty, breaks down or is not as described. Would you have the confidence in them to take care of that for you ?

If you find massive price differences you have got to be very careful - unless something is going end of line - or is a refurb massive price differences spell SCAM in large letters to me.

There is a tendency to feel 'ripped off' in this country if you pay a little more in one shop for something rather than another. So a shop that offers you demonstration facilities and a knowledgable sales team has no right to charge a little more for that service than a web company who has a warehouse on an industrial estate somewhere or other and hides their phone number on the website as they don't really want to talk to you. The reality is, however, that they do not do so - as if they did people would use them as an amazon showroom.

So how do you choose which dealer to go with ? You won't find that answer on a website. You need to pick up the phone and speak to a couple of dealers - people like Allan and the other assured advertisers here. Do you like the feel of them (Oooh Matron !).

We have hang ups when spending a decent amount of cash - we are all worried about making a 'mistake'. This is even more true when buying a car.

Being able to buy something like this should be a joy - it should be fun. Get in the car and have a demo - take the boss and the kids (if any) with you - make it a day out - have a pub lunch.

That's the difference between cheapest and best value - and when I now make major purchases I have a lot more fun and a lot less time sat in front of a computer trying to find someone from Vietnam who charges £ 25 less.

I once spent nearly three whole evenings trying to find the best deal on a Samsung 55" TV. I ended up getting from John Lewis. Go Figure !

Happy shopping.

PS I love me X35 - if the X500 is even better you will love that.

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he will love the X500 :smashin:

Chris has already emailed me and since removed some of his posts, or someone has and I'm not sure why

I think your post Mike really has some very good points so thank you for posting your thoughts

Allan :thumbsup:


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Hello, yes I removed a couple of posts as I was referring to other sites and did not wish to fall foul of AV forums possible policy on posting links to external websites selling AV equipment. Thankyou Mike for adding your comments. If the difference in price had been a couple of hundred pounds I would not have made the original post. It seemed a marked difference in one case (£1700) over a £5000 purchase. Hence I posed the question looking at the problem of choosing retailers rather than projectors. However Mike I agree with you and have been fortunate enough in the past to be looked after well by knowledgeable dealers. I also believe buying AV - hiFi equipment is / should be a pleasurable thing much in the way you describe. Your suggestion of distress testing retailers is a good way of determining future behaviour. You hit the nail on the head when you suggest it is fear of making a mistake which causes buyers to make questionable decisions. I hope the TV works out well.


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It will be fine I am sure !

Allan places a good response to the buyer worries.
The alternative sites I viewed were a shady grey
with attendant disappointed blogs from hacked off people.
It is natural these days to check out prices but that is not a substitute
for testing out equipment and gaining the additional advice for
getting it to perform well.

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I'm pretty certain what you need to be doing is having a demo of a few models around your price area and then making your own mind up, you need to decide about lens control as in either manual or electric, lumens output also determines what model to choose and screen choice is paramount if you want to get the best out of your projector especially if its going into an ambient lit reflective room.

I feel this is probably as important as the projector itself if not more :smashin:


Hello, yes I removed a couple of posts as I was referring to other sites and did not wish to fall foul of AV forums possible policy on posting links to external websites selling AV equipment.
There's no problem members posting links as long as they aren't to their own websites


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Thankyou Lee for explaining that. I was posting the links to highlight the original question.

Allan, I think your point about screen is correct even if it means re-doing another screen. No point paying for a projector for it then not to perform to its abilities. Room colour change to less ambient is unlikely at the moment.

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