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projector prices.


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This might have a straight forward answer but why do some projectors seem to rise in price?:confused:You would think as new models etc come out they would actually drop in price,is it as simple as high demand espeically for the budget hd pjs sellers are cashing in on this?


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I have a feeling that this year some of the replacements will be higher in price than their predecessors. Simply due to exchange rates.
It's hard to put prices up on existing models, but a new model with improved features can probably just about justify it. The Panny AE3000 is more than the AE2000 for example. However I think we'll also see that some companies are expanding their line (rather than just replacing one projector) so that they can have a higher-end, higher price model and some lower ones too. Epson and Mitsubishi for example.
This allows them to charge a bit more for the top-end model. While still including some new features on a model which is the same price as the predecessor.


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Guess it depends on availability too - take a budget PJ that everyone wants but which has been discontinued to make way for the new PJs it may well go up in price due to the demand, even as an old model - Supply and Demand!:) I think - I stopped doing econmics when I was 13....:D

I think this happened with the Sanyo PLV-Z5 when I was looking, seemed to go up in price even though stock was low and newer models were coming on the market.....


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Also a retailer can cut the price even though they don't have any stock to get you on to their website and then other retailers feel bullied in to trying to match that price.


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Some people might just be capitalising on or even exploiting similarities in model numbers like the various pt-ae300e on ebay at up to £749


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Nah, don't think about it - just buy one......you know you want to.....

Set yourself a target spend and go for it!

Just don't keep checking prices after you buy - I did and my PJ dropped by £100 in about 8 weeks!!!:eek:


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This must be the case exchange rate damn it :( not projector related but i was going to get a new motherboard for a pc build which was £79 its now £92:mad:

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