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James Abela

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Hi everybody :)

First of all congrats on the excellent forum.

I wanted to ask a question to all owners of projectors: Is it normal for a projector to display a certain amount of picture grain/noise even when source is Full HD blu ray?

I've had the opportunity to demo a W1060 and an Optoma 25e and both had noticeable picture noise which rendered the movie rather non-immersing. Is this normal or maybe the projectors needed maintenance/setting up?


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It could be setup but it may be the movie itself. Some blurays are really fab, sharp, grain free and nice saturated colours. Other blurays are much below par with loads of grain, muted colours etc, this is usually "as the director intended".

Whilst I can understand it with movies like Saving Private Ryan/Schindlers list etc I much prefer to see sharp pristine grain free movies thank you.:)

Peter Parker

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Sometimes it can be something as simple as setting the brightness and contrast correctly (see link in my sig), but it can also be due to an overly bright image which will enhance any image grain or artifacts. The first is relatively simple to fix, but the second may need an ND filter to bring the image brightness down. Its an often overlooked part of a pj set up, but not everyone notices the noise.

With DLP the image is produced by modulating tiny mirrors, and if the brightness is set too high, you will see a lot of 'mosquito noise' in shadow areas, and if the contrast is too high, the brighter areas can show up dancing pixels instead of solid colours and wash out areas of detail altogether.

An easy way to set up the brightness is to play a 2.35 BD so that you have black bars top and bottom, and look closely at the black bars. If you can see a lot of dancing pixels or 'noise', slowly lower the brightness until they go. Raise and lower the brightness so you can see where the noise starts and stops, then set it to where it just stops and the bars are a uniform black. It's not a definitive method but it works quite well overall.

Any idea how big the screens were?


James Abela

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Hi all and thanks for your replies. One thing I know for sure is that a low quality 'homemade' demo sd disc seems to output picture noise. However I know for sure that at one point a seemingly original Amazing Spiderman bluray was played on the 1060 and grain, although reduced, was still noticeable in dark scenes.

I think pic size was at least 100 inch from about 3.5 meters..

Then, last saturday, i was watching this song festival on an epson dlp 4:3 under a lot of light and although picture quality was far from perfect (connection through composite), i could not make grain out of it.

Anyway, next sat i'm having another proper demo of the hd25e and 30. Will see how it goes

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