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    I'm wondering if anyone can help me please

    My current setup is as follows

    Panasonic 1080p TV with Sky Q and a Blue Ray player, the Sky Q and Blue Ray player plugin to my new AV Receiver which is a Marantz 1506. From there the output of the receiver goes to an HDMI 4k Splitter (in) and then (out) of the splitter goes to TV and Projector.

    Now my problem is that Sky Q and Blue Ray output 1080p to the TV perfectly, but as the projector is 720p/1080i max resolution it will not display the image from the Sky Q or Blue Ray.

    It was my interpretation that the Projector should detect the signal of say the Blue Ray or the Sky Q and downscale the image to 720p/1080i automatically.

    This doesn't appear to be the case, and the only way to make the projector see the images via HDMi is to manually change the blue ray resolution or the sky resolution to 720/1080.

    Also even if this is done manually the startup screen appears on the projector but when the movie plays it goes back to blue screen.

    Is it fact that my setup just will not support blue rays via the older projector - or am I doing something silly or wrong that can be rectified?


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