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I have had a Sanyo PLV-Z4 from new for the last eight years. It's done very well, but its LCD panels are starting to go - I have a blue hue that's getting worse and becoming quite distracting.

I am looking to replace it, but I am completely out of touch with what's decent these days.

My key requirement is lens shift that's as good as that on the Z4. My projector is quite far off central and I can't position it more centrally because there's a window and light fitting in the way. Also, it must be quiet. Both of these are more of a concern than picture quality - I'm pretty sure most projectors these days would be a massive step up from my Z4 in that sense.

My initial instinct is to go for a newer Sanyo - a Z2000, z3000, z700 or z800 but I don't know how often these turn up, whether I can trust a second hand projector and whether they might develop the same problems. I do have my current lamp and a brand new spare lamp which would help offset costs if I did go this route.

Ideally I'd like to keep costs as low as possible - I'm thinking second hand, but if that's false economy, I might have to find the funds for a new projector. I see Sanyo seem to have left the market.

Any help & advice to get me started would be greatly appreciated.


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I've done some reading and not really found anything suitable except perhaps the Epson TW3200, which is *massive*. Might have to do, though... Anyway, I though I'd clarify my perfect projector:

* Budget £1000 for new, £600 for second hand...
* LCD with lens shift
* Quiet

I only use my projector to watch movies, in a dark room, although I have a white ceiling and light grey walls which is less than ideal. My projector is mounted 10ft away, and projects onto a 72" screen.

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