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Projector on a coffee table?


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Hi Everyone

I'm thinking of getting the BenQ W1070 projector (as long as I can convince the wife), but it will definitely have to be on a coffee table which will be about 2m in front of the viewing position.

The distance between the screen and the viewing position will be about 5m. The distance between the screen and the projector can be what ever it needs to be, but I thought about 3m. The height of the coffee table is about 60cm.

What I cant get my head around is, will I be able to use the projector in this low down position with a ceiling mounted screen? I was hoping to get a screen about 100".

The PJ will be pulled out/ put away as and when needed.

Any advice, greatly appreciated.


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According to the link below, 3m distance will get you a 100", so far so good.. With a coffee table height of 60cm, the calculator has the projected image starting at 66cm above the floor and about 60cm below the ceiling (assuming ceiling height 2.5m) - could do the 60cm drop with hooks in the ceiling (might need to go into joists) with chain links? Otherwise you can angle the projector up and use the keystone correction, but usually this is not recommended as it adds more digital processing to the picture, but something to consider if you can't have that extra ~60cm drop from the ceiling.. Good Luck!

BenQ Projector Calculator


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Thanks for the prompt reply. It makes a lot more sense now.

So that would mean having hooks dangling from the ceiling :eek::eek: Do many people use hooks etc? Dont they look unsightly?

This has to be as unconspicuous as possible, otherwise I'll never get the go ahead.

It seems the only option I have is to have the projector to be about 1m off the floor, to get the image on the screen, flush to the ceiling. Again, not an ideal scenario.


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Depends on what you have to spend (or diy skills); you could hide the screen in the ceiling when not in use. Or you could get a free standing screen and just put away after use, or project onto the wall and so on!


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Sorry for the newbie questions, but with projector screens are they longer & wider than the image that is projected to them i.e. for a 100" image, is the screen bigger than this, which will help with trying to find the 60cm gap noted above. Also will lens shift aid this?


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Yes, a lot of screens available drop down further than strictly needed, need to check the screen product description carefully! Some have a large black border at the top, others are actually 4:3 screens and you just don't use the upper portion of the screen(when projecting 16:9)..


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Here is a random image from google that shows the drop, you can put the screen to ceiling if it has enough drop in it.

Another possibility is a portable screen but I don't know how good or big you can get with reasonable price.

You do realize that with projector you need a sound system also, ideally receiver, at least five speakers and sub woofer?


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Thanks so far for all the replies, they're really helpful. The 1st image above is something that may be useable.

I've got a new Denon receiver and Q Acoustics speakers with a gemini sub and a 50" Panasonic plasma.

My current system is more than adequate, but I've always wanted a projector, and at this kind of price it's achieveable.


I think one of the big problems with the 'coffee table' solution is after the film ends.

You really don't want to be moving the projector after you've switched it off until the lamp has cooled completely. Depending on who you listen to that might be an hour.

Just something to take into account.

Steve W
You are right. I use a 'coffee table' (it's a box really but same idea) and leave the projector until morning before putting it away. I've not liked the idea of putting it back in the box that night due to the chance that any heat left in the unit could cause damage. I've no proof damage could be caused, I'd just rather not risk it.


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Thanks for all of the advice guys, its really appreciated, im definitely learning.

What does the lens shift on a projector do, does it allow me to keep the projector lower and project it higher up the screen? On the BenQ website with a 106" screen (its gone bigger already), it says it has a lewns shift of 80cm.

With the 106" screen, the PJ needs to be 2.72m away from the screen and 70cm off the floor, which will mean that the gap from the ceiling to the top of the screen is 40cm. How does les shift alter this equation?


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