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Hi Guys,

I've got a query on mounting a projector (thinking of the Epson 3200 which is 7.3kg) upside down on either a wall or ceiling mount.

The Epson uses M4x9 screws, and it has 5 holes to screw into, however the wall & ceiling mounts that are at the top of my list only have 3 mounting points on them. Will 3 x M4x9 screws hold the projector safely, or do I need to be looking exclusively at mounts with 4 (or 5!) mounting points?

The last thing I want is having some massive bolts in the wall to make sure it doesn't fall off only for the unit to fall off the mount itself!!



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Come on guys! 67 views and not a single response :-(

There must be a good few that can at least provide an educated guess based on past experience (I've never owned a projector before).


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I imagine you would be okay just using 3. The Vogels VPC-545 has a maximum weight rating of 10kg with 3 arms (although 4 are included for projectors which have more pointing points). It also includes large screws to fix in into a ceiling joist. For wall mounts some decent sized coach bolts ensure it's going nowhere.

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