Projector isn't working with AVR, but AVR works with TV and Projector works when plugged in directly... help?


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Apologies if this is the wrong forum, I don't know which component I need help with (that's the problem) so I figured the AVR ties everything together and thus probably fits best

I plugged my projector in last weekend and couldn't get a signal. The output was mostly blank (but it was definitely on, I could see the "HDMI" on the screen indicating the input), then would sometimes flash red or static (like an old analogue TV). I tried a new cable because it seemed likely to be a connectivity issue, same problem.

Okay, so a component is dead... pretty normal, right? So I try different combinations of devices to see which one is causing the problem, and that's where I get to the weird part: everything works. (Note: I tried 2 different Fire TVs and a PS4 but I'll just say "Player" for simplicity)

  • Player > Projector is fine, so clearly the projector and player is working.
  • Player > Receiver > TV is fine, so clearly the AV Receiver is fine (using the same output, same cable etc)
  • Player > Receiver > Projector... doesn't work

I've tried multiple input sources as mentioned above, and also checked it wasn't a resolution issue (my projector is 720p), and everything seems fine

Any ideas? I'd love to know how to fix it, but just knowing which component is kaput would be good enough


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Model numbers would help but it is more likely to be something on the HDMI chain get confused if individual components are working.

when you say the same cable to the the tv via amp works but not to pj. How long is it?


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Ah, I forgot my projector isn't in my signature. It's a Sony HS-60 (a bit old now, but was working fine a week ago)

Cables are both 10m. One that I've been using for 5 years without a problem, and one new one that I picked up due to this issue because the cable was the only thing I couldn't check independantly. It would seem strange if it was fine with a 10m cable for years, though, and then suddenly stopped working with both the existing cable and a new one?

I guess the next step will be to try with the able I know is working between the amp and TV, but that involves holding a heavy amp in the air under the projector. I tried turning off things like HDMI control and audio-return channel on each device, it didn't help


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Your signature doesn’t appear at the moment, think they changed the settings on them, so couldn’t see any of your kit :)

Is the PS4 set to 720p and your amp isn’t doing any up scaling at the moment or after an update is it?
You don't say what the TV is either, but as above that fact that your PJ is only 720p could well be the clue (assuming the TV is 1080p or greater). Also a 10M cable is far from ideal, and HDMI cables do have a habit of failing.


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Ah okay, I hadn't realised about signatures

Receiver is a Yamaha RX-V667, Projector is the HS-60 above, and the TV is a 1080p LG, I'll grab the model number later. None have been updated for years (they aren't internet connected: I think the TV can be, but I've never bothered because I don't use the smart functions)

I've turned processing off in the receiver's menu, and the inputs are all set to 720p - that was my first guess and still my main suspicion, but I can't work out why it would suddenly start happening when it was fine a week earlier?

The cable is fine when connecting the amp to the TV, so it doesn't seem to be a problem with the 10m cable either.

I've also just tried resetting the amp and projector to factory settings, which didn't help (and I would have expected to work, since I made very few changes to either unit's settings when I first got these two working together 5-6 years ago), and then disabled every single setting relating to processing etc. Nothing

As far as I can tell, everything works... just not the one combination I care about?
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The somewhat ridiculous solution: placing my super-old Onkyo receiver in between the Yamaha and projector... makes everything work perfectly.

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