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Hi all,

I'm wanting to have a screen in the living room for movies and ps3 - can anyone recommend a budget HD projector, I don't want to blow a huge amount straight away. Would like something for a year or two until we renovate the house. The sofa wall is 3m from the screen wall so we will be sitting approximately 2.5m from the screen, is this too close for a projector setup? What would be the largest screen at this distance?

Thanks for any help or advice... Dave


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The projectors forum is your best bet but I would check out the optoma projectors in the meantime. They are probably the most popular budget models. You can work out the screen size etc by using an online projector calculator like the one on projector central.


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As Dave has said Optoma or Benq projectors are the cheapest options (of good quality) for projectors. These are DLP projectors so you need to get a demo to see if you can see "rainbows" not everyone does but check.

720p models are about £450, 1080p models start at about £600 and if you can get one of those as larger screens are best with 1080p at shorter viewing distances.

With a throw (distance from the projectors lens to screen face) of around 2.5mtrs you will get a screen size of about 2mtrs wide (80"-95" diagonal) which will be fine with 1080p material (bluray).

The Benq W1070 see below.

BENQ W1070 PROJECTOR at Low Price £582 | 9H.J7L77.17E

The Optoma HD131x is £660 and is 1080p & 3D from amazon but will do a slightly smaller screen size than the W1070 because of the slightly smaller zoom ratio.
Optoma HD131X Full 3D 1080p Projector: Computers & Accessories

Use the calculator below for screen sizes for any projector you want.

BenQ W1070 Projection Calculator - Throw Distance and Screen Size

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