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I’ve been sitting on the fence for a long time now pondering over either a plasma or a projector.
I’ve finally decided against a plasma due to price and risk of dead pixels.
Before I take the plunge into the projector world I have a few things I need cleared to put my simple brain at rest, before it does one worrying about things I don’t fully understand yet.

My projector is going to be used 70% for gaming and 30% for DVD's. I will eventually get a portable for watching the 10 o'clock news etc and have a budget of around £1000 but can go a little higher if needed (not including screen I’m going to try making my own first).
The problem I’m having is now finding a projector that meets my criteria and was wondering if some of you could help please suggest some.

The projector is going to have to be shelved at one end of the room one metre above my head so needs to be quite quiet and hopefully not pumping out nasty toxins.
Unfortunately it’s not possible to have it ceiling mounted and I’m going to have to put a shelf above my head for the projector to sit on.

If a fan is at the back of the projector as its going close to the wall would it cause ventilation problems?

The room length is only 4 metres long (wall to wall) and I have space on the wall to fit a screen in an area one and a half metres wide by 80 cms high.
I have no problems with rainbows so I guess a DLP will be best and also I’ve decided on 16:9 aspect ratio.

Does a projector automatically stretch a signal that’s 4.3 to 16.9? (I hope so).

All my consoles and DVD player are going to be plugged into my processor via component then out via component to the projector so a component input is vital (probably standard anyway) but will also need composite and s video just in case its needed as a later date.
The consoles are both English and American so the projector MUST be able to display PAL60 and 50hrz and also NTSC signals. I would like it also to have both NTSC and PAL progressive scan for future compatibility if it’s possible to have both?

Does a projector automatically detect the signals like a TV would and display them correctly or would I have to mess around with a setting on the projector every time I change source from say NTSC to PAL?

I would be extremely greatful to any that can help answer my questions and suggest the right kind of projectors for me to be looking at


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I don't think you will find many true 16:9 DLP projectors for £1000.
For gaming I reckon you would be better off with a 4:3 PJ that can also display 16:9.
I would suggest an Infocus X1 or 4800 should be on your short list.
Very few PJs have scart so automatic aspect change is unlikely.
Switching from PAL to NTSC won't be a problem as just about all PJs are multi standard.
The Infocus and clones vent to the front so you can get the PJ as close to the back wall as cables will allow.
You will have to invert the PJ if it is on a shelf above your head owing to the built-in offset of the optics.

Hope this helps.



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Ok im going to go for either a Sanyo PLV-Z2 or Panasonic AE500. Both do what i want them too and im going to demo them this weekend.
Hopefully i can walk away with one or the other after a good demo.
The one problem i cant get around is with the damn poxy screens and throw distance.
Im going to build my own screen to start and will have the dimensions of d1.52m h0.75m w1.33m. Thats the absolute max i have space for.
Problem im having is all these distace calculators tell me i need to have my projecter between 1.75m and 2.25m roughly from the screen.
Thing is is has to be 4 metres away and there is no compromise on this. Would it really cause much problem having my pj further away from the screen then whats recommened in this case?

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Panny do a long throw lens called the PTY-LECT300 i think.
Get it from pricejapan.com
It fits over the panny lens
Allows you to have a smaller image over a loonger throw, so instead of the gigantic one you'd normally get, you'd get a smaller image to fit your screen

(at 4 metres your image would be too big otherwise)
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