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Jan 24, 2003
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Kicking my heels waiting for my ae500 to show up (Monday hopefully). Want to work out the optimum height for the projector with the screen I will be using and wondered what peoples thoughts are.

I have a floor standing screeen which is 81 inch on the diagonal. Its wide screen and the bottom of the screen starts approx 22 inches off the floor.

I know from the projector central distance calculator thingy that the optimum distance from the projector to the screen is 9ft.

Question is how high off the floor should the projector go at this distance from the screen ? Is there another handy calculator I can use to tell mre this ?
extracted from the manual , describing a floor standing projector:

SW = Screen Width
SD = Screen Diagonal

Screen Width: SW=SDx0.872
Screen Height: SH=SDx0.490
Minimum Projection Distance: LW=1.229xSD-0.0381
Maximum Projection Distance: LT=1.481xSD-0.0381
Image Lower Edge from Lens Center: H1=SW/29

Revert for ceiling mount :
Assuming you have a ceiling mount , that would mean that the screen height will start above center of lens with a distance of H1
With your screen of 81" - H1 would be (81/29) = 2,79 inches
Thats maths I cant even do !:rolleyes: I can sense a bit of trial and error comming on.
Attached some info from the manual : Distance/heights etc.


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