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Projector: Panasonic PT-AR100EA

Receiver: Yamaha RX-V467

Output: PS4 and PSVR

For a few years I have been running the above with minimal issues. Usually when I booted up the PS4 it would take a few tries to connect and would see the HDMI indication flicker on and off on the receiver until it took hold and then worked.

A few weeks ago I couldn't get the PSVR to output to the Projector and then the PS4 stopped outputting as well. I removed the PSVR entirely and then forced the PS4 to output to 1080p (booted in safe mode and select output to 1080p) instead of automatic and that seemed to work for a few weeks. I then decided to add the PSVR back into the equation...

Now I am getting no image again and the above didnt work. I unplugged everything from the walls, removed the PSVR from being included, switched the HDMI cables around and it almost worked. After booting the PS4 in safe mode I get an image in SD. When I choose to change image setting and the PS4 reboots with the screen to select options in HD it came up once correctly. Instead of selecting 1080p I tried automatic (big mistake). Nothing happened. When I tried the above sequence again to try and select 1080p I cant event get to that screen and it fails again.

I was able to check the output to my Sony mini projector with no issues so it is definitely an issue with the Panasonic.

Any ideas?

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