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Have a problem with my NEC DP1200e - It's been great for about a month now, but has suddenly decided that it won't display the output from my HTPC properly.

It was originally running at [email protected], but have ended up changing all resolutions and sync settings etc - in an effort to get it working. It looks like the picture is all there in one form or another - but has some lines drawn further along than others. Then the whole picture scrolls corkscrew-style across the screen. Anyone know what i mean?

If anyone has any ideas on what this could be i'd be very grateful!

Regards, Sean


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I've been advised that this particular unit although it does contain a Video input, does not take PAL (it's NTSC). I don't actually have anthing i can test it with! I know the unit can handle what i'm running into it (576lines @ 50hz is about 31.5 KHz right? The unit takes 32 or 36 i believe) But the main problem is the fact that it has been running solid as a rock for about a month, and suddenly decided to "break" halfway through watching a movie. Now it will not display the correct pic whatever i feed into it. Even the 640x480 @ 60hz i was feeding it just to get it up and running will not display a pic now. I really don't know what is wrong, but have established that if you feed it a signal that it cannot handle, it will make relay clicking sounds, and guns will turn off, and then the unit will emit high pitched sqealing (although quiet). The problem i am experiencing is quite different, and the PJ will display a picture - just a not very useful garbled one. I'm about to lose my rag with this one - Any suggestions anyone?

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I'm not familier with the NEC1200 but I presume it's similar to a 6PG etc in operation. If it is you'll no doubt have memory banks that load up when you have different resolutions. If this is the case it might be an idea to delete them all and start from scratch. It could be that, for some reason, the unit is getting confused as to the signal coming in and is trying to load up a (close but not quite right) bank. I've seen this before on 6's and 9's.

I'll have a further tink about this in the meantime.


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I think you have a sync problem too.

If you are using poser strip check the sysnc settings they should be negative.

Try booting you PC to VGA (640x480)mode which should force the Syncs to negative.

Not a machine I know I'm afraid


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Hi guys - No memory banks - just the one! But it would seem that the PJ will not sync to anything now - not even the plain 640x480 Desktop - I give up with this! I've tried adjusting H. Hold settings on the PCB, this has given me an odd result, it will hold pic for maybe 0.5 of a second, then scroll one way across the screen, and then the other way across the screen. This now sounds to me like something pretty serious is going wrong, whatever clock is supposed to be syncing isn't keeping time properly. Fancy some money Roland? I'm about to lose my rag with this PJ and am thinking about chucking it in altogether, selling the remotes (they're apparantly very rare and sell for $150 + in the states) and just getting another unit from you! It's also got these wickedly heavy all glass lens units, i don't know if these have any value. If only you'd put those prices up on your website before i got this CRT unit. If anyone has any ideas i'd be happy to hear them.

Thanks for your help everyone,

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