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Hi, Just wondering if anyone can help me please.

I have had quite an old CRT projector for the last 3 years, its looking rather old now and i want to replace it with a LCD or DLP projector, but which one. What is the difference between the 2 types? i know that LCD is prone to chicken wire & DLP is prone to rainbow ! Is this mainly on cheaper projectors or is it also on expensive models? I have a 6 foot screen with 1.4 gain, this cost me £400 3 years ago, its got the glass fibre finish.If you had a choice what is the best projector to get. I have seen good reviews on the screeenplay models,optima models, & the new sony model with 10,000 contrast ( cant rmember the model No) , any particular one is best, your help would be appreciated.
DLP OR LCD !!!!!!

From the front of my screen to my my false ceiling where the projector will be fitted is 9 feet to the front edge, the false ceiling is 2 feet deep.I would like to have a projector that projects the image without me moving the screen.

I have attached a few pictures ( apologies for the quality these are from a very low res camera) basically i knocked down the wall between the two rooms, and all the speakers and the projector are hidden inside the false ceiling. The room length from front to back is 28feet, and 16 feet wide at the seating area, the room where the screen is is 9 feet wide.


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I would try and stick with the CRT PJs It's what your used to.
Try sourcing a 2nd hand Barco, otherwise DLP would probably be your best bet as you might find LCD images looking washed out.
If you've experienced 'rainbows' on older DLP PJs then try viewing one of the newer higher speed wheel ones - they help with me and I can comfortably watch a complete movie without distraction. I'm looking at getting the Mitsubishi HC3000 which still has the slower speed wheel but has more segments which again I find acceptable.
For an LCD option I would veer towards the Hitachi PJTX200.

Like your dedicated cinema room - wish I had one!
(was that your mobile phone camera:rotfl: )


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I would suggest :-

DLP ProjectionDesign Action Model One II £2100

LCD Sony HS60 £1500

I lived with the ProjectionDesign for a couple of weeks last year and found it to be one of the best projectors on the market and thats when it sold for £4500. Rainbow effect was the reason i did not buy it.

I have now have a HS60 and am happy with my purchase. If you plan to watch in black out conditions this could suit your needs. Blacks are very good on this projector.

Your screen is a 1.4 gain and would be more suited to the HS60 rather than the ProjectionDesign or any other brighter DLP/LCD for that matter.

Happy hunting.


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