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Nov 25, 2002
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I am looking to buy a cheap and cheerful projector for use in a school classroom. Needs to be min 1000 ANSI and as cheap as possible. Current favourite I have found so far is the Panasonic LM1 at £599 (excl VAT), what are your comments on this projector and is there any others I should be considering?
Don't want to put you off the idea or anything but if you’re going to be projecting VHS I would seriously reconsider the options. Presuming your not going to be showing pupil’s movies on DVD in work time what you will get is a compromised source shown on a compromised display, a crap picture in other words.
I am ICT manager in a successful primary school which makes good use of ICT including interactive Whiteboards. I am assuming that you want to use a projector in the classroom for whole class teaching, using powerpoint, whole class teaching software like the NNS ITP's. We have 5 projector's in school. They are all standard no-frills machines. 2 LCD Sony's, 1 DLP Sony and 2 Epsom LCD's.

Given that you can't really control light in the classroom to a perfect extent you need something with reasonable brightness. All our machines are about the 1000 lumen mark and work fine. The epsoms actually produce a perfectly acceptable picture if we show tham a film at the end of term.

To be honest, this is in some ways not the best place to ask your sort of question in so far as what you expect from a projector in school is TOTALLY different from what you expect of one at home. (and I have a very nice home machine, so I know the different expectations!!)

So basically, as long as the projector is reliable, the bulb hours as long as possible (to avoid expensive replacements too often) then you really DON'T have to be too fussy on what machine you buy. Ask your LEA ICT dept if they have a pj they could bring in, check it works in the room/s you want to use it in and buy something similar For this sort of use, you really don't need to be too picky.
NEC projectors are a good choice for schools as they come with a 3 year swap out warranty so you will never be without a projector if it stops working.

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