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Projector for medium room for 1000£?


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After my surround and stereo setup i´m considering the next step towards high-definition heaven. Despite living in Portugal where there is no HD broadcast i cant wait to experience HD material. My budget is around 1000£ for the projector and screen.

So here is the question: My room is 6m x 4m and i currently watch my Toshiba 32WL66 from 2,5 m, so i dont now if is it worth getting a projector?
Is a 180 x 100 cm screen too much?
How far do i have to put the projector (for now it would have to be on a table) to achive that screen diagonal and do they all do that?

And more important: What should i buy?

I´ve been doing a lot of research and i´ve come up with this list. What do you think should provide the best value and live up to my conditions?

Panasonic PT-AX100U
Panasonic PT-AE900u
Optoma HD70
Optoma EP1690
Sanyo PLV-Z5
Sanyo PLV-Z4
Sanyo PLV-Z3
Mitsubishi HD1000U
Hitachi PJ-TX100
Hitachi PJ-TX 300
Hitachi PJ-TX 200
Acer PH730 DLP
Toshiba MT700

There is a difference of 200£ between them and even if i was thinking of buying the Optoma HD70 because it was cheaper, i dont know if my room conditions should afect my choice.

Sorry for a long post but i wanted to provide the maximum information possible.

Thanks :thumbsup:


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How far do i have to put the projector (for now it would have to be on a table) to achive that screen diagonal and do they all do that?

Hi Johnny,

This is one thing I can tell you for sure. Many sites have a projector screen size calculator, including this one from ProjectorPoint. In theory, you should be able to select the projector & the screen size, and it should tell you how far away the PJ needs to be. Give it a try!

I'm not quite sure why it says these native widescreen projectors will produce an image 1.35m high if they are 1.8m wide, but hey, it should give you an idea.




Shop around mate - you can pick up the rather excellent In76 for this money if you look hard enough (may be refurbished) i was going to get one before i managed to get my BenQ for 1500 via aa link on here


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Just cheked the distance and no prob with that. But there is one thing i forgot to tell: i want to have the flexibility so that i dont have to put the pj in the center of thr room.
I think that rules out the Optoma HD70, doesnt it?
Do you know if all the others have that problem?

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