Projector flickers when switching on lights ?


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Projector flickers when switching on lights ?
We have installed a projector and a TV on the same source, with splitter. the signal goes to the projector via HDMI extender over Cat6 the distance is 12 meters. The resolution is 1080p
When switching on the light or the shades the projectors flickers for a moment and then resume playing. Any one can assist with reason for this ?
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Went through a long period of something similar with lights dipping momentarily when power hungry equipment was turned on (amps / fridges particularly). Turned out to be an insufficiently tightened neutral in the fuse board in the end. Could take some hunting down, so worth trying to see if the pattern can be repeated from different circuits before thinking through where to check.


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Is it possible the lighting and ring main are all on ine circuit? Run an extension lead from upstairs to the projector to help isolate the issue.

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Wonder if the Opp found a fix?

I’d guess the CAT cable or Extenders are picking up noise and the Display is losing sync with the Source/AVR.

Reroute the CAT cables or replace the Extender set are worth trying.


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