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Aug 1, 2000
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I have been browsing these forums for a while but never posted in any of the projector forums.

I have done many posts in the past about a plasma screen but after a lot of thinking (about a year or so) I realised that a projector would suit me a lot better.

I am not really interested in LCD but have interest in DLP. If money was no object I would want the SIM2 HT300. But I understand it is about £9000.

What I want is projector that does a great picture, a great job of black level and one that has a 16:9 panel and component inputs on it.

Thanks for the advice.

Recognising that you have your reasons for dismissing LCD, I still think that, before doing so, you should audition the Sony VW12 when it appears. It holds the promise of offering near-CRT contrast but with the convenience and stability of a single lens device, and without risk of rainbows. Aside from being an LCD device, it appears to fit precisely to your other requirements, and is likely to cost significantly less than £9k.

Assuming that it is at least as good as the VW11 currently available, it evidently has an inbuilt scaler that rates among the best available, including some esoteric standalone devices.
Have you considered the Sharp XV-Z9000 (DLP) or the Sanyo PLV-70 (LCD)? There's reviews on both on ProjectorCentral.
Like you I am a first time buyer, leaning towards DLP but worries about rainbow effects.
Considered the Dreamvision Cine x one or Cine x two? They are DLP.
Optoma 753 if you can get a demo - I am very interested in this - let me know if you view it.
Best of luck

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