Projector fault from new, Richer Sounds service advice needed


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Projector fault from new, Richer Sounds service advice needed
I recently picked up an open box Epson 5600 from Richer Sounds that we are really happy with as a tv replacement but it has what appears to be a stuck pixel. I contacted Richer Sounds to ask what my options are and was initially offered either a repair or a replacement unit. I was tempted with a replacement for two reasons:
  1. I'm not thrilled at the idea of having to get a "new" PJ repaired, and would be concerned about recurrence of the fault particularly as its only guaranteed for 1 year.
  2. The repair time is quoted as being up to 4 weeks. The PJ is our family tv and we don't have another set we could use while its being repaired. We discussed a loan item during repair but this isn't possible without full payment which i'm not prepared to do, nor could I to be honest
The 3 Benq models i was offered as a potential replacement (they don't have another 5600) all looked great but unfortunately don't offer a wide enough throw ratio which was the reason I went with the Epson in the first place. I've installed a bracket and screen in the only suitable position really and don't intend on taking it down and starting from scratch.

I found an open box 7000 in another branch that is around the same price range as the Benq models that they offered me but have been told this isn't likely to be available on the same basis due to the way store clearance items are costed (?).

So my options at this stage are:
  • Full refund
  • Send mine for repair
  • Return it and pay extra for a suitable replacement
Ultimately I just want a working projector that meets the spec I bought with the confidence its in good working order.

To be fair to them they've been pretty good at trying to resolve the problem so far but I wanted to post here to see if anyone has any advice to offer or see what others would do in my situation?


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If it's a stuck pixel, it will have to be repaired by replacing the faulty component with a new one. There's absolutely no reason why the same fault should recur afterwards.

If you want something to watch while it's being fixed, consider just buying a s/h screen, and sticking it on Ebay when you're done. I paid about £25 for a 42" plasma this time last year.

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